Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday, March 1st - Thai Dahl and Bap

After last night, I slept in and so breakfast was not an issue. Of course, I did have two dinners so it wasn't really an issue.

Lunch was just snacking on popcorn and chocolate covered edamame as I did indoor chores. Not at all hungry.

Dinner was an experiment. I experiment alot less with D. D likes recipes. Anyhoo, I was out of curry powder or paste so I wanted dahl (stewed yellow lentils) but I only had thai green curry paste. I thought about stewing them in coconut milk but didn't want the added fat since I had to finish the brandade. As well, I made sure to not use salt.

Thai 'Dahl' and Bap

I soaked 3/4 lentils in warm water, rinsing and changing the water occasionally a few hours ahead. You don't have to but if you don't then you have to boil them for alot longer and I don't like the idea of having the stove on for hours.

Bring 2.5 times as much water as lentils to a boil.
Drain and add lentils.
2-3 cloves Garlic.
1T of green Thai curry paste.
1t ginger

low boil for at least half an hour but check and stir. you should play with the water level to your taste. some people like their dahl to be soupy. some people like it as thick as play dough. I like it on the thick side but tonight I think I added too much water.

BAP is african white cornmeal or grits. bring 1 - 1.5 cups water to a boil (normally you want to salt). measure out half a cup of white fine (medium) cornmeal. with a whisk or spoon in one hand, 'rain' the cornmeal into the water and stir briskly or it will lump and it is a terrible job getting those lumps out. virtually impossible actually. I let it lump because of my need to put stuff away as soon as possible. Darn it!

Serve the Dahl on top of the Bap and if you like have a protein like grilled shrimp or salmon. I did not. I had the never ending brandade. It was a very warm and comforting meal. I think I would do this dish again but use way less water. I think a thicker dahl would work better with the bap and I added too much water because the yellow curry cubes I use normally thicken the water and since I substituted I should have used less liquid.

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