Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wednesday, March 4th - Muffin and Mandu

Humday and my sister is coming into town BUT my boss is also in town so I was super lazy today. That means I was working until 11 pm last night and was working at 7 this morning. Fuck.

Breakfast was Optimum Blueberry and Cinnamon with Soy Milk.

Lunch was a quick fruit and fibre muffin and coffee.

Dinner was duhk and fried seafood mandu with chili garlic dip with some mirin. I bought the dhuk at the HMart at Robson and Seymour. It's a smaller urban version of the Korean Supermarket. In the suburbs the HMarts are huge. They have fresh 'prepacked' kits for seafood stews and other korean dishes. The bigger ones also tend to have little stalls on along the walls that sell food and are run by families. They are reminiscent of old style Asian markets where it's a old country market.

Outside the one in North Toronto, they even have little shacks that sell hot street food. My dad's favorite is the little stuffed pastry that has a batter rougly like a pancake and stuffed with redbean paste and pressed into a fish shaped mold that looks like a coy. (photo coming) He told me this great story about when he was a kid just after the war and they had lost everything, and he had no pocket money, they used to hang around the stall that used to sell the fish (I'll have to get the name from dad). The stall owner used to shoo them away all the time. They always went back though hoping that the stall owner would feel bad for them and give them freebies. He never did. They cost like 2 bucks for 5 fish and they're about the size of a small girl's hand and pastry bit is thin so there is loads of filling. I'm guessing that around wartime, that they were probably more dough than bean which was more expensive and rare.

Anyhoo. I bought the 'party pack' (photo coming) of Dhuk. O loves dhuk and it's hard to get in SFO. It's more Chinese than Korean. So the 'party pack' isn't as crazy as it sounds it's about 350 g and has like a variety of types or shapes. This one had just plain, small balls with sesame sugar, larger balls with sweet eggyolk and yellow bean. My fave has the black beans but the party pack with it was too big. Actually my other favorite is this try coloured one that is slightly more 'crumbly' than glutinous. mmm A long time ago, it was a luxury and only for special occasions because rice was so scarce and saved for the rich and the military. But now I can buy a party pack for 4.99 :0D

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