Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday March 20th - Grilled Fish and bad Curry

Breakfast was the hotel buffet late-ish

Lunch we were out on an excursion up to the middle of the island near Baedugul, Lake area and Tanah Lot. We had a stop in a tourist buffet lunch like when we went to the volcano but this time we had to pay!!! The last place, our entrance was paid by the guide then our 'drink' order covered lunch. Not this place. Not only was it a rip off at 60k rupiah (relatively speaking) + drinks and 20% tax and tip on top and then the cheeky waiter when out of his way to tell us that service isn't included. Ha! It did not help that this buffet was not very good. Well, actually, maybe it was the army mess hall feeding trough feel to it. And no view of a volcano. Although the volcano had tuna satay and this place only had the minced fish type. Oh well. I did like that both did have the seafood satays. So many places if not all in Vancouver only offer Chicken satay. I only had some rice and a whole heap of the fish satay.

Dinner was a local by our hotel. We trolled up and down looking for something different but not 'international'. We did not want 'pizza'. We went back to the one from last week the Warung right across the road. It was empty now. I had the grilled snapper with balinese sauce and D had a chicken curry. It was gross. The fish was great. I wish it hadn't come with fries. I had thought we were both having grilled fish realising that it's one of th only guaranteed tasty bits at these places.

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