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Monday, March 21st - Samurai Japanese - Mushiest Sushi in town

Mushiest Sushi in town :^(
I recently had to be in the West End for a few weeks and so have had hunt down yummo lunch places in the vibrant and diverse neighbourhood.  It's really quite amazing how different areas in Vancouver can be considering it's modest size.  The West End is lined with restaurants and bars and is bustling at almost any time of day, any day of the week.  There are a few joints that have a very odd and bizarre level of popularity to which I cannot attribute their cuisine.  We theorised that the endless line ups at Samurai and it's neighbouring greek is due to inclusion in some travel guide book.

Sushi is everywhere in Vancouver as you know from my blog, running the gamut, as a result of numbers, from gross to spectacular with lots in the middle.  I would place Samurai closer to the gross end of that range, at least for the sushi.  I mean, really, that includes that terrible place up on Dunsmuir that targets impoverished English language students.

I had two large rolls, the BC Roll and the Manhattan.  The BC Roll is a standard in these parts made of crispy Salmon Skin.  The Manhattan, is a first for me so I can only assume it's a creation of the Samurai.  It's a yin-yang of Spicy Tuna and Alaska.  Both are way to large to eat comfortably and not in a good way.  The rolls are not tight enough to even make the journey from the plate to the mouth.  The BC disintegrates just by looking at it.  The Manhattan was rolled with soggy Nori so biting it was impossible.  It was like leather.  Then there was the rice.  It was incredibly mushy and had absolutely no flavour.  Sushi Rice should not be plain rice.  The 'vinegrette' that is incorporated into the rice as it cools is the well guarded secret of any self respecting sushi chef.  This rice tasted like paste and had the texture that was something like oatmeal.  Blech.

I would not remotely recommend you eat here.  Go across the road to Kadoya or up the road to Yamato or Excellent Sushi.  Do not be deceived by the students and tourists who queue up at dinner.

Ambiance: divey and dingy
Service: acceptable though not attentive, refills of tea were rare
Cost: $$

Samurai Japanese
West End
1108 Davie St
Vancouver, BC V6E
(604) 609-0078

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