Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday, March 11th - Airplane Food

This was the first leg out of Vancouver. It's veggie meat patty cut in half and piled on itself. It was filling and nothing more. I also hate that I always get cheated on the dessert when I get a veggie meal. I highly recommend looking at the options for the veggie meals on your airlines. The vegan or asian veg are the best. You'll get tofu or something. But if you get ovo-lacto, you'll get some soggy, chefboyardee-esque pasta. What bugs me is that they'll randomly have a seafood dish, though largely have been removed for cost and allergies, and I can't have it. D was on his weird contra-jetlag thing where he doesn't eat for 17 hours before arrival. So I got his second leg meal. It was a spinach spagetti with some shrimp. It was pretty good.

Second Leg. Rice Pilaf with Eggplant and Mix Veg. It doesn't look like much but this was really good. Not good for Airline food but really tasty.

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