Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30th - Tofu Stirfry and BBQ Steak on the side

We had a FANTASTIC wine on the side from Australia. It retails for about 30$ but it's totally worth it. Normally, it need a couple of seconds with a red wine, particularly just after opening it to decide, but around the table, we all loved it instantaneously. Decent body, not too rich, good length. Very enjoyable.

Our guests baby, did not appreciate the Schezchuan peppercorns in the stirfry. He held his first mouthful for nearly half an hour. We quite purposey tried to keep the sauce as neutral as possible. We left the chili on the side. The sauce was hoisin and oyster with a 'wokwithyan' cornstarch slurry :0D.

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