Monday, March 09, 2009

Saturday, March 7th - Whistler and Thai Takeout

Breakfast was EARLY because we're going to Whistler, woohoo.

D was in Montreal last week so the lovely man brought back bagels. The real stuff. Not the bread donuts in most places in Canada. I've got nearly into fisticuffs with some deluded vancouverites about 'real'bagels. One girl on my ultimate team is convinced that some of the 'pre-bagged' stuff you can get from Choices or Nester's markets are good bagels. Uh no. I don't thinkso. The real stuff is VERY DENSE and unmistakable if someone hands you but a small square. There are two varieties that qualify and those are Montreal style or New York style. Montreal style are thin, about the thickness of one of those giant pretzels and has a gaping hole (photo coming). A New York one is so fat that the hole is closed in. But BOTH are dense as George Bush is about diplomacy and wonderfully chewy. I had a friend from London who was living in New York and didn't believe me either until I found a great bakery in Brooklyn that made them fresh on site and gave her one. She was full after half (which is why it is 5 times the recommended daily allowance for carbs) and totally agreed that there is a distinct difference between real bagels and they're wannabes. There are two places in Vancouver that approximate decent bagels and those are Solly's (though way way too small) and this other place on Granville Island (though slightly too light and verging on bready).

Anyhoo, the best bagels in Montreal are from St. Viateurs, Fairmount and Fauxbourg. mmmmmm. D bought 2 dozen for me from St. Viatuers. 1 of sesame and 1 of poppy seed. If youbuy them fresh and hot from the oven, you can easily eat 2-3. When they've cooled down, you'd be filled up by one.

Lunch was at Whistler. I had my regular Salad combo. Very filling when you choose the pasta salad. O had a chili bowl.

Dinner was Thai takeout back in town at the 24/7 thai house up on Broadway and Oak next to the 7/11. It was pretty good. I always try to find a good Phad Kee Meow but they didn't have it. I knew I was in trouble. I'd probably gone to the wrong one. D said Broadway and Oak and he meant south west side. I went north east. We were going to have takeout chinese at Chilis on 6th and Ash but they were closed!!!!! On a Saturday. WTF? Their eggplant is good. Greasy but the scheuan eggplant is always but it's good and hot and fresh. But they were closed on a Saturday!!!! WTF. I had some seafood noodle thing, O had a phad thai bento box and D had a Phad See Ew. O's Phad Thai bento thing was the best deal. It had a salad, roll and Phad thai for ten bucks. I think I'll keep looking for the best Phad Kee Meow (must have wide noodles... remember that and THAI BASIL!!!)

24/7 Thai
986 W. Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1K7
(604) 568-8680

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