Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday, February 28th - Ramen and Bok Choy and the AMAZING FOUR FOOT DOSA

Breakfast, I poached 2 eggs in the microwave. I don't know why I keep trying to make this work but it never does. You'd think I'd come to my senses but noooooo. I keep reasoning to myself that sometimes when it's just me, it's too much work to boil water and do the whole vinegar and swirl thing. But microwaving them, I can never get the yolks underdone without leaving that icky goo on the whites. As well, you always have to lubricate whatever vessel you use so it's not as nice and wholesome like when you poach them properly.

I took 1 cup sized glass prep bowl. I added a 1 tsp of oil and rubbed it around. I cracked two eggs in and added a bit of water. I covered it with a plate and put it in the micro for 1 minute. I checked it and the whites were way way under done. So I added 20 seconds on to the timer and it was too much and the yolks were cooked through. I took them out as I was eating. I toasted a whole wheatbun we had in the freezer and used some whole grain mustard. I had a glass of orange juice instead of coffee.

Lunch, I had a muffin and coffee while I was out and about. And a bag of microwave popcorn while I'm typing this.

Dinner will be a spicy Korean Ramen with some of mom's Mandu and some fresh baby bok choy.

Okay so I was going to my friend DJ's party and I forgot that there was going to be a highlight. He and his mates have a regular tradition of the four foot dosa. This place on Fraser makes party sized dosas and deliver them on this long special trays. They were SOOOOO GOOOD and probably better than the regular sized ones. I find that regular sized ones, which are about 12inces actually have very little filling since you're meant to spread it out. But every inch of four foot long one was crammed with filling. The EGGPLANT was just irrestistible. I kept going back.

A dosa is an south indian crepe made from rice and lentil flour. It's crispy if served right away and rolled with a curry filling. You normally crack into it and eat whichever way suits your fancy... inside out or spread and linearly :-D. The dosa 'crepe' is cooked darker than french crepes. Or at least they're about as dark as the crepes you get at those crepe stands where they spread them out with a squeegee. DJ ordered a lamb, chicken and two veg, palak paneer (spinach and cheese) and eggplant. He ordered them from:

4354 Fraser St. (at 28th)
Tel : 604-873-9263
They'll deliver if you order overy 15$ to almost anywhere in the 'downtown' area.

Our other favorite is the 'House of Dosa' on Kingsway and Knight that have a 6$ special on Mondays. They're normally about 15$ a dosa. We'll be going soon enough.

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