Monday, March 09, 2009

Sunday, March 8th - Bagels and Dhukboki and Sha Lin noodle

Breakfast was Bagel's and eggs at D's. O slept on the couch again.

Lunch.... O and I spent the day walking around the seawall. (can't remember lunch or if we skipped it cuz she was going to have korean later). We stopped for a coffee in the 49th Parallel on 4th. One of the best cap's in town, really.

Dinner, for O anyway was dukboki which we picked up at the hot to go spot at the H Mart. O loves Dhuk and it's not easy to find in SFO. The nearest kin is mochi dhuk which is the sweet, softer japanese cousin. Again, dhukboki is a hot mix of veg, fish cake and sliced plain dhuk in a chili sauce.

Dinner for us was when our guests got back from Whistler. We took them to Shalin noodle. They were from Montreal and confused why were taking them to what looked like a dump. We had to explain that appearances can be deceiving. It does look like a 'dump' and seedy but it is the towns top rated noodle house for taste, authenticity and price. We had a few noodle dishes and their dumplings which we never get as a twosome cuz it's just too big. G had a ramen bowl and her husband G had a pork dish since he though the other stuff looked dodgy (I think he might have been intimidated by the authenticity, they're from a small town outside montreal and they don't have many asian restaurants there) I had my regular number 2, cumin but I went with cutting noodle rather than shaved. I should have got the HELA. I wanted chunky. We both only finished half and kept some of the dumplings for the next day.

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