Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday, March 21st - Seafood Grill

Breakfast was ...guess what? Hotel buffet.

Lunch, I was on my own since D when Diving at Shark Point off a smaller Gillie Island up the east coast. He had Nasi Goreng at a shack and picked up a Durian fruit along the way home. I got stuck at the Bali Collection mall trying to get to the Taiga centre which had gone bankrupt two years earlier. Stupid Lonely Planet! And it's a new edition too!!!! I had to walk 3 k in the noon sun with a shirt on not to get burnt. I thought I'd go insane.

Dinner was at the Bella Luna across the road. I had come across it will walking back from my 6 dollar massage and manicure. The guy said there'd be dancers and a free drink. The free drink was a shooter of an very dangerous Arak cocktail and the dancers were two teens. Though since the same dinner at the hotel would have been 10x, it was fine. The girls were okay actually. They were probably training at a school since they had very elaborate costumes and similar moves to a show we saw last week.

We got the mixed seafood grill meal. It came with a great crab and corn soup and dessert. The grill had lobster, crab, whole fish, king prawn, shrimp and squid skewers and salad. It was very good. Oh it came with the rice unlike at Chopsticks.

Photo coming when my USB thingy starts working.

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