Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thursday, March 5th - Indian buffet and Poutine

Breakfast was cereal with soymilk. I bought some Omega Flax bread, I think it's from Demptster's for O. She always has toast. She had it with my olive oil spread because she didn't find the Cashew-ola (or cashew chocolate spread).

Lunch was with O, my sister at Robson's All Indian Bar. It was an indian buffet that O had a craving for. I had a yen for sushi. I should know better about buffets. I always eat too much. Too bad it wasn't sushi but maybe it's better because there is way too much rice and I'd like to keep slim before holiday. I'm pretty bloated now and I had to skip dinner. But at least it was mainly veg and probably fat from the sauce but low carb Though I did have a decent amount of naan. The buffet itself is missable. If you're a veggie or a fishy, there is not enough choice. It had lentils, potato and a veggie jalfrezzi mix. The one up the block, India Gate I think only has two. My sister liked the butter chicken and the dessert was okay. The one that was 9.99 for buffet didn't have a salad or dessert. This place also brought out fresh naan when we sat and it was real. Some places have 'mass made' where it's like the 'in bag supermarket' type. This was the goods. This place was decorated nicer than others but it still attracts a steady stream of Indian teenagers coming for a belly full. Even the Owner who cashed us out commented that she was confused by the creditcard because most of the time it's teenagers with debit cards. The buffet was 11.90 and was worth the extra 2 bucks compared to what I saw at the other buffet on the block. The other dishes on the a la cart were about 8 bucks. I think I might have that next time instead.

Dinner was Fritz on Davie and Howe. THIS PLACE IS GREAT. It's often packed solid. It does belgian style fries in cones with a large selection flavoured dips. They also have a large selection of poutines including smoked meat! But really their classic fries or poutine is worth sitting on the little benches. O had most of it since she was already hungry again.

We shared some of the gigantic toblerone that a friend gave us for the Superbowl party. mmmm Toblerone.

Photo is some DHUK I bought for Lee to snack on.

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