Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday, March 3rd - Steamed Bok Choy and fried fish cake

Breakfast was the same Natures Path Optimum berry cereal with Soy Milk. I wish I had a fruit to put in it. Though prefer when a cereal is slightly under sweet than too.

Lunch was a fruit and fibre muffin with peanut butter from the IGA up the block. 1.19 for a hug muffin. Not quite 'headsized' like I like to say about those massive muffins. Now that does not included those muffins you see at Costco or ski resorts where the base is the same diameter as the top and is basically a small cake. No. A headsized muffin is bestowed only upon those muffins whose base is pretty big, compared to the incredible shrinking muffin at Tim Hortons, and the top blooms into a massive top that is the size of a head of a child! I first coined it in Johanessburg, SA. The nescafe cafe had these cornmeal muffin that could have fed me for a full day! Plus, I was planning on skipping lunch but W was working in my office today. I find this a tad annoying but I'm supposed to be a mentor. Comeon! Gimme some space! So we went for food.

Dinner was another typical me comfort food. Brown jasmine rice, 4 steamed bok choy (between normal and baby) and fried korean fish cakes. You can get these in all sorts of shapes and flavours and I think I mentioned it in the Dhuk Bok Ki entry. It is a puree patty not unlike say the concept of a chicken nugget but fish. You can get sheets that you cut in to strips for stirfry, sushi or stews. Or balls, coloured often, you see in Chinese groceries in soups. These came in cubes with a fried coating. I tossed the cooked rice with a 1t of fish sauce, 1t of soy sauce, 1 big T of chili garlic sauce and sesame oil. I fried the fish cubes in vegetable oil and then patted them with a paper towel. mmmmmmm

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