Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Monday, March 2nd - Dahl and TVP

For lunch, I popped down to Kishu River near the office. It's a franchise all over Vancouver. It is run of the mill, fill your bell sushi. It's not great but it'll do for work lunch. I had a sushi combo for 7.95 with a BC Roll (it's a BBQ Salmon Skin and cucumber roll), California and Veggie. The veggie roll in this chain reminds me of Korean Kimbap. It has tobiko pickle, spinach, carrot and cucumber. You get a miso soup with a combo. My friend got the Tempura udon which looked like a fantastic deal. I think I'd go for that next time. It comes in crazy, un-enviro four parcels: 1 noodle, 1 broth, 1 veg and 1 with tempura. You build it when you sit down. It was only 5.95!

Kishu River Sushi
Robson (near Richards)

Dinner was more dahl. But I wanted to try to make it again with less broth. I did a one to 1 ratio and it was still too much. Darn it! I added some TVP (Texturised Vegetable Protein). It's like veggie meat chunks. I like to add it to stuff when I need a more substantial texture and can't be bothered with fish. It's interesting how easy it is to revert to being a lazy cook when you only have you to cook for. I mean I've always loved food and cooking but when I was in England, I got super lazy. The culture, the groceries and the lifestyle totally promotes this. They make it easy. So not that I've got more work and now go to the gym after work rather than the morning, I like to be efficient with dinner. But when it's the two of us, I'm more motivated to make a decent meal. I added the left over dahl from last night. It was perfect 'comfort' secret when I'm alone food. D would not be amused if I tried to serve this with nothing else. He'd say you meal is a side dish.

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