Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday, March 14th - Kuta and Chopsticks

Breakfast hotel buffet

Lunch was in Kuta. Noisy, congested, polluted and infested with tourists. I was suffocating. I had a filet of fish and Tamarillo Gelato (Dutch tomato). D had a Chap Chay (chap chai) with Ayam, stir fried vegetable with chicken, in this very small out of the way bnb on Poppies 2. It cost more for D's beer than his Chap Chay which was 3-4 dollars. Very tasty and quickly cooked in an insanely hot fire.
Dinner was Chopsticks at the Bali Mirage hotel. It's a chinese restaurant. You choose the size of the plate s/m/l. We were told that small was good enough for the two of us. Really the medium would probably have been better. Tea is charged and rice is a small bowl per serving. Overall, not worth it given in it's in a nice hotel and claims to be the best chinese in bali. It is not

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