Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday, March 27th - Whole Wheat Parparrette and Peas

Breakfast was cereal and D had a Montréal bagel from the freezer.

Lunch I had a lame attempt at Burbur. I tasted this for the first time on our last breakfast at the hotel in Bali. Of course! I said I would try everything in the buffet over the 10 days and I put off two things. At one area, they had Miso soup and Burbur with condiments. I skipped the miso soup. Burbur is similar to but thicker than congee or mulbap. It's the indonesian version and you can buy it on the street carts too. It is overboiled and overwatered rice. You cook it until the grains break down into a porridge consistency. Congee is a bit too watery for my taste and Mulbap is korean for water rice. It's what you do with leftover rice. The indonesian version is nice and thick and on the side they had, ginger, fish flakes, parsley, kimchee and chicken to dress it with. I wish I had been eating this the whole time. It was so comforting. Though hot for the weather.

So I used brown basmati. Well, apparently that's not the rice to use. Brown rice, does not break down and basmati is even worse. The grains themselves will 'explode' into random amorphous cloud shapes but they all maintain their individuality. No creamy starchiness bringing them together. I had it with some this Japanese rice flavouring I bought in Tokyo. They come in different flavours in shaker bottles. This one had bonito flakes, nori/kim flakes, sesame seeds, salt and sugar and chili. I dressed it with a bit of sesame oil and black pepper. It was fine. It wasn't Burbur. The sprinkle was good though.

Dinner, we had this whole week pasta, the colour of hotchocolate, with pesto sauce from a jar and frozen peas. We bought the pasta somewhere on Commercial. I'm pretty sure it's the bakery/deli next to the WorldMarket junk shop. I boiled the pasta in a big pot of water with a stock cube for more flavour. It was pretty good at 6 minutes. At 7, I threw in the drained and rince frozen peas. They were getting on in the freezer so I used the rest of the bag, probably3 cups. I put them right in with the pasta. Drained after 2 minutes. 1.5 T of pesto in the bottom of two bowls. Served the pasta and peas on top and tossed. Topped with freshly grated parmesan.

Yummo. We'll have to find that pasta again. It was very tasty!

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