Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wednesday, May 6th - comfort comes in Vegan Bolgnese

Why do I play in the rain. Really. I had a bit of a surreal moment in the middle of my ultimate game last night. It was chucking down rain. Biblical rain in the middle of a school yard field in Shaugnessy, a posh suburb south of Vancouver's downtown. There I was, lined up next to my crazy, life loving ultimate team. Variety of ages, backgrounds and ages all there, standing in the rain, waiting for someone to throw us a disc. Not an hour earlier I was on a conference call with one of my superiors superiors discussing incredibly heavy business and process issues. I couldn't help but laugh. I also got there late so I hadn't warmed up at all, I didn't have rain gear and so near the end of the first game I rang D begging for a lift.

He wasn't instantly willing. Actually, quite reluctant. So when a teammate offered to drive me most of the way home, I jumped at it. Guilt trips I don't need when I'm soaked, cold and achy. So I got home quite late, close to nine pm. I walked in an went straight to the shower. Pleasantly enough, when I got upstairs to the kitchen, D was making a pasta with veggie soy mince, eggplant, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes. ... and whole wheat pasta. In the decanter was a lovely French Cruvee. MMMMMM
Château Tour de Mirambeau Cruvée Passion 2003

If this is the last entry in the blog, the wine should be the top photo in Wine with Dinner.
Recipe to come but here are some photos.

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