Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, May 15th - New India Restaurant and Buffet

Brutal, I run out for lunch up on Broadway. I'm normally downtown and there are loads of cheap tasty sushi places. Not so on the slopes. Over priced for what they offer. I mean really a cucumber roll, tuna and salmon each the size of a finger for 8 bucks.

So I tried this Indian place on the corner of Willow and Broadway. It's in a business centre. It's called the New India Restaurant and Buffet. They have a lunch box with a chicken and a choice of veg with naan. I got two veg and ordered an extra samosa. The samosa never came and they told me after they handed me the rest of my lunch that it would be another 10 minutes. When I got home to eat it, I peeled off the two pieces of promising looking naan. I mean they looked like the real deal instead of factory made. Well they had beens strategically placed hiding the CHARCOAL BRIQUETTE side down on top of my food. I'm not saying burnt toast. I would take a photo but it's too gross. It was entirely burnt to black and it was a few mm thick of charcoal!!!!!

The saag palak paneer was pretty good but the gobi aloo (cauliflour and potato was totally under done and tasted of NOTHING.) This place was horrible. I mean don't go near it.

New India Restauran and Buffet
Broadway and Willow
Negative 2 maples. :-( :-(

Dinner was at the campsite in Harrison Hot Springs. We brought the Artichoke and Ricotta Ravioli we bought at Granville Island with some premade jarred Barilla Basil Pesto.. ... try to be sure to read the ingredients in a jar of pesto when buying it. Ingredients need to be listed in order of abundance... Olive Oil, Basil and Garlic should be the top three. Not all jarred pestos are made the same!

Camping can be fun and rustic but if you pack properly and plan meals, you can still eat really well. We had a Cote du Rhone Domaine du Mordoree. So Yummm... please read my comments on the photo. Decant if you can AND be sure to let it breathe for at least ten minutes, 30 minutes ideally.

I blanched some asparagus the night before, well drained, and put in a baggie. After boiling the ravioli (fresh so 1o minutes) drain most of the water off. Add the Pesto and toss. Shave some fres parmesan with a camp knife. After serving the ravioli toss the asparagus, cut in half, in the pot you made the ravioli and serve on top of the dish and top with the cheese. MMMMMMM
Was so hungry by the time it was ready that I forgot to take a photo.

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