Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friday, May 28th - Starbucks Wrap, Meeting Pizza Hut and FUSE

Ug, Friday was horrible at work. Simply horrible. You'll notice how lame I have been on catching up on my journal here on my food habits. Why? The nature of my job hits serious time demands in peak periods, particularly at quarter ends. It reaches a Fever Pitch simulating Hell at the half year. When D is around, I have more discipline about my time and eating. When I'm left to my own devices I stray to bachelorette of eating comfort food and working until the wee hours of the morning. D was away this whole week so I found myself working until midnight several nights this week. I had pizza like 3 times this week. BLECH.

I woke up earlier than normal to go out to the Burnaby office. I had a mini Oatmeal Raisin Clif bar for breakfast and a Starbux coffee while walking to the Skytrain. Then I sat in a conference room glued until 3pm. At noon, I had full sized Peanut Butter Clif bar that was about 6 months over due. It tasted okay but a bit stale. I washed it down with tap water. Man I hate May / June at work. So at 3:30, right before a big meeting, I had had had to go out and get a coffee. I grabbed a Soy Latte for the protein and a Thai Tuna wrap. I bought a pumpkin scone for later, knowing that the meeting would run long.
The Starbucks Thai Tuna wrap was pretty good. It had a bit of a kick and had carrots and rice mixed into the tuna. Though, surprising for quality for Starbucks, the tuna was of a catfood consistency. Really mashed up with no recognisable chunks of tuna. The soy latte was nice though.
(2.5 Maples really)

Then, at around 7pm ... this is a FRIDAY, they brought in Pizza Hut pizza and soda. Grrrr I flipping hate it when a guy orders meeting food. Two things will invariably happen, without fail:

1. Vegetarians are completely forgotten, in fact, all the food will be extra meaty.
2. All sodas will not be diet. Full sugar!

They ordered a Meatlovers and a Hawaiian completely swathed in ham. To wash that down, 7Up and Pepsi, full fat. I went for the Hawaiian and peeled off the ham. It really was the only option and I was starving. I even had half a 7Up, I was so desperate and didn't want to seem rude that someone thought to at least recognise the fact that we shouldn't be working so late on a Friday!!!!

I couldn't have darted faster at 8pm. We were off to the Vancouver Art Gallery monthly Fuse night. The Art Gallery opens its doors for the evening until 2am. They have several performance artists throughout the evening. It's wonderful. The only downsides were that I had a splitting headache. I was in a quite a bit of pain but after such a left brained week, I needed some artistic reprieve. It did work a bit. The other downside was that the wine at the bar was a HORRIBLE Mission Hill Merlot Cab. As I twitted, it was like a pair of hipster jeans, like the ones all over the place that night. It was too tight, pulled in the wrong places, tarty and too short.

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