Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday, May 21 - night school

Night school is getting me down from a culinary evening. I have to say. D, however, is going to be late to school to attend an event at the French consulate. The French consul is hosting his business school alumni. So he's having lovely wine and cheese and nibbles.

I am not. But it guess it's not terrible because when D and I don't eat together, I get to indulge in comfort food. I made a big bowl of brown basmati and I'm buying a spicy tofu salad from TnT on the way to night school. It's funny because normally D and I got sit in the lounge during our break and wolf down dinner and chat about our day. As I was eating alone, I actually chatted with my classmates, while still trying to wolf down my food. Our break is only 15 minutes. Truthfully, I probably eat quite fast but no one works well with a deadline :-D

The one upside is that the quick meals is making our Thursday meals quite lite. I guess I could do with that once in a while.

Thing about brown rice though is that it is a pain in the arse to do right. I've given up with traditional as far as getting it right. You have to boil the bejeezus out of it, in at least 1/2 more water, for nearly an hour and the grains split. I'm fine with that now. The only way to avoid the grain bustage is presoaking for a good while. Who's got the time?? Also, who really wants to use the stove for an hour unless you're making a stew. I use this little microwave contraption my mom bought me for Christmas because she thought I wasn't eating properly. I think she mixed me up with my sister O. But O got one too. It is a ceramic bowl that sits in a plastic bowl, slightly larger with a vented lid that clamps on. Inside, there is also an inverted dish that drips back extra steam water. It will do brown rice in about 11 minutes if you do a cup. The grains will still bust if you don't presoak. Also, if you nuke, you're likely to kill alot of the vitaminy goodness. NOW, I discovered this miracle brown rice from Dan-D-Pak. Brownrice jasmine (I'll take a photo later) that acts like white rice. It wasn't a pre-cooked variety or brown coloured white like a cheeky friend asserted. It takes 13 minutes on the stove top. It comes in a large plastic bag with green labelling from dandpak. I swear by it. It tastes awesome and stays in tact and is nutty as brown rice, as well as jasmine should be.

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