Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday, May 12th - Biggest Loser & Boneta

Tuesday's are funny around us. I have a keen interest in the reality show the Biggest Loser. I think of all the repugnant programming out there, the Biggest Loser is a rare ray of good news out there. One could argue that it is also a sad view into the fact that America has this problem to begin with. I see that too. But this show inspires people at home, if you follow their at home contest, as well as the people on. I think it's great. It can be anywhere from 1 to 2 hours on a Tuesday. Actually it's quite annoying how inconsistent it is. Just bizarre. This last season, it smoothed out to all Tuesday's at least. D hates it. I get animated about the people and the conflicts and D could not care less. He sits and watches quietly. Well, he flips to Restaurant Makeover during the commercials. Also we tend to eat quite late so we miss the beginning quite regularly, which is okay because there is so much re-capping.

Well, tonight was the 3 hour finale. D couldn't get of the country to avoid seeing it so he's settled for dinner with a friend at Boneta (boooo Boneta). I was glad too because Boneta is my Biggest Loser. I can't stand that restaurant. I had a horrible experience there last fall, both on service and food taste, and cannot, in all honesty, recommend it to anyone. D thought his food was okay and thought maybe it was an isolated experience since the reviews were so good. It doesn't sound like it was. The entire menu was dominated with meat. The last time I was there, the claim that they cater to Vegetarians is that the peel off the meat off the dish, leave the meat juice and still charge you the same. HELLO???? Then they gave me a tail piece of tuna (this was a 7pm and they said they were nearly out) and called it a collar??? HELLO???

D is on an organic meat only kick after reading a few disturbing books on the raising of farm animals. They were extrememly limited. He had the Buffalo Carpaccio which he said was alright. Though not indicated as organic, apparently, it is by nature, organic. He ordered a pork chop, though it was not organic but in support of the Canadian Pork industry. He said it was quite good. Though that wasn't the dish that originally came placed before him. He was given a plate of gnocci which the server laid before him and left. Several minutes later, by which time I would have snuck a few pieces with my fingers, D said he didn't. The Maitre d' came by and snatched it saying that they it was meant for another table. He brought it directly to the other table. EEEEEwwww. If I were that table and saw where it came from, I would not have wanted it. The Md' did bring a tiny portion to try since he felt bad that he had brought the dish and teased them with it. I reckon that he was being that nice to them because D knew his wife and it was extremely empty that night as well. I think he's got it out of his system. I hope I hope. I won't go back.

Biggest Loser, well I had Home-made Ramen with Mandu. With ramen noodles, a veg broth, broccoli, chopped scallion and mom's home made mandu (Korean dumplings, veggie-seafood). Perfect warm comfort food to eat with TV :-). The ramen noodles that come packed in larger packs, not in the flavoured packs are so much cheaper and it's super easy to use your own broth or boullion cubes to make the soup base and use whatever veg or protein you like. As well, you get to control the salt level. Most of the flavour packs from the asian stores are HIGH in salt as well as MSG. MSG is terribly bad for you but admittedly a common flavouring often found in household asian kitchens. It was in ours when I was a child. Not anymore. Most asian restaurants might still use it. It's worth asking. Monosodiumglutamate is highly allergenic, as been linked or suggested as a carcinogenic and other ill effects. I am not a nutrional scientist but it is only a web search away to verify that you should try to control your MSG intake.

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