Friday, May 01, 2009

Thursday, April 30th - Night School - Jap-Jae and Dubu Salad

I've decided that I'm going to stop calling Dubu by more popular name. I'll probably still put it in parentheses but I grew up calling it Dubu and so Dubu it is (Tofu). :-D Particularly since I'm taking a brush up class on my Korean, it only seems fitting that I call it by the Korean name DUBU.

Running to class, ... yes running. I live like ten minutes away and it at least an hour after I get home if I get home early, and yet I am stupid enough to check Twitter first. So I was running to class last night, and the week before. I ran to TnT Supermarket into what will likely be our pattern for Thursdays until second week of June when our classes are over.

I bought us some Jap Jae and Cold Dubu Salad.

Jap Jae is a bean-glass noodle Korean dish served with julienned vegge and mushrooms. If you get it in a restaurant, it will normally come with strips of beef. At mom's it's normally just veg nowadays. It's super easy to make and the sauce is just a soy, scallions, sesame and some mirin mixture. I've made it in the past, though it was not as good as my mom's because she does it in a batch that could feed a congregation. It is in the TnT cold food, ready meal section. It's pretty good. Though cold, glass noodles get a bit (not as bad as others) stiffer. Heated up, it comes right back. The veg to noodle ratio is a bit low but for 3 bucks, the best deal in that section!

As well, I got a fried Dubu spicy salad. It's a cold salad but the Dubu has been pre-fried so it's golden, crispy and chewy. You'll often see it this way in japanese restaurants as an appetiser or in chinese fried bean curd dishes as well. It was tossed in a simple hotsauce, sesame oil and scallion sauce. Really yum as a quick snack. I've seen all the time and never bought it. When I was working in Burnaby my old team used to do quick dashes to Metrotown, the nearby mall, to hit the ready meal section at TnT. We timed it that we could be back in under 30 minutes seat to seat. I always got the vietmese veggie salad with seitan (veggie soy product..mmmm). Anyhoo, D said he's had this quite a few times. I was surprised. He normally moans when I make Dubu (tofu) so I go out of my way to make it extra flavourful when I do make it. So I'm glad to hear he likes this Dubu (tofu) dish :-D

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