Friday, May 08, 2009

Thursday, May 7th - Night School sushi takeout

I would have had time to get hot food for our nightschool dinner break but I ended up running long on post work twittering. Terrible I know.

I was speedwalking to pick up dinner. We have class from half six to nine. So really it's a bit early for dinner beforehand and far too late when we get home. What is a bit of a pain is that we only get a 15 minute break to eat. This time I bought a nigiri sushi box (with salmon, tuna, salmon and avocado maki and dubu) , a california roll and a spicy fried dubu salad. I bought the dubu salad last week and I'm hooked now. I didn't take pictures because I was running to class and we wolfed it down between our breaks. TNT is a life saver night school, :-).

We had some Balweinie Single Malt scotch with some dark chocolate when we got home.

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