Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday, May 22 Ebisu

I had a sushi craving that wouldn't go away. Try as I might to go for sushi at lunch during the week, I couldn't get away. It takes too long to get to the place I like and I really can't be bothered to settle. So it was going to be sushi tonight no matter what. I felt bad and of course did my typical 'unless you want something else'. We were pretty beat by the time we got home and sat down with a drink and D was really not looking keen to drive to the Eatery. I felt like interesting sushi or good sushi. Eatery is the 'best' sushi but I enjoy their funky rolls. The price is pretty good too. The service SUCKS. I mean SUCKS LIKE A HOOVER. They're not that nice and I'm unclear if that's part of their 'thing'. As well, they sell underwear and to sell it, there are photos of the wait staff wearing it by the bathroom. How weird is that? So sitting their enjoying a nice glass of wine, I suggested we just walk over to the place up the road on 8th backing on to Broadway that we keep talking about trying. It used to be 'Kamikura' and I loved it. The spider and dragon there were great. Well, they're gone and I'm unclear why. Anyhoo, we opted for local no driving.

I'm glad we did. The set menu is a FANTASTIC deal. You get 5 courses for 19$ Helloo?? Just the two starter dishes are worth 9 a piece. And they were full sized as well. The Sunday to Thursday menu is awesome. It is a bargain and it is definitely quality compared to the bargain sushi up and down broadway. The decor hadn't changed so I wonder if Kamikura was just bought out.
So I got the menu. D ordered some Tuna and Salmon Nigiri, a roll with a Vancouver roll (california with salmon wrapped outside). We split a spider. mmmm Spider roll is my favourite and I rarely get it because it's fairly rare on the menu of your random places. It is a tempura fried soft shelled crab in a maki roll. Yummmm. It was so good.
My menu was:
Choice of appetiser: I got the tuna tartar tacos. So good. This is the dish I remember loving when this place was Kamikura. You get two small wonton round sized tacos with a mayo dressing.
Choice of salad: I got the sashimi salad. It was a nice portion with mixed greens with nearly 10 pieces of sashimi on it with a spicy sauce that tasted kind of Korean.
Choice of miso: I got the miso with manila clams. It had three big juicy clams. Ymmm
Choice of main: I wanted sushi. Teriyaki just ain't my thing. I got a dish with 4 pieces of nigiri and half a Mango roll (mango roll is a Vancouver roll with a thin slice of mango wrapped around it.) The nigiri were Ebi (shrimp), Tuna, Salmon, Unago (eel)
Choice of ice cream: I got mango. D loves green tea but I think it tastes like playdough. blech.
I had a sake marguerita which was entirely missable and D had a big ass Asahi.
Overall, this place will become my goto sushi place like Shaolin for noodle. MMMMMM

(604) 876-3388
601 W Broadway

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