Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday, May 14th - Pannini and Tomato Salad

We went a new way for dinner tonight with night school. I felt like a sandwich. I don't know why probably because D is always telling me he likes the sandwiches at choices and aggro cafe.

How unfortunate a name of a restaurant is that really??? Aggro Cafe. I'm not abbreviating. It's in Yaletown. On Hamilton and Davie.

Anyhoo, we had some fresh tomatoes we needed to use before they went off so I simly quartered them and dressed them with course salt, fresh pepper and olive oil and balsamic. D picked up a veggie roasted veg pannini and a zuccini loaf slice from Aggro Cafe.

The ingredients were a bit sparse for what I like from a hearty pannini. D insisted that's the classic european way. I said we're not in europe and where's the eggplant :0). At the least, the european kin are alot more generous on the cheese. Never the less, it was quite tasty and if we had it piping hot, it probably would have been even better.

The tomato salad was great. D does not put tomatoes in the fridge subscribing to that theory that a % of flavour compounds in Tomatoes are lost if kept in the fridge. My sister V does that too. I like cold tomatoes. I think it brightens them up. But I didn't for this salad for pax sake :-).

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