Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 13th - Sutton Place Wine and Tapas

Tonight was a wine tasting for patrons of the Sutton Place wine shop as well as follower of the Liquid Arts web mailer. I wasn't meant to attend as I have ultimate frisbee on Wednesdays but it's pouring rain and games were cancelled.

It was free. Yay! Free. But of course, there are alot of sales associated with tastings like this. The pourers are so much more familiar with the wines than the ones at other 'paid for' tastings, since Liquid art had their sales associates pouring. J my friend came with and she was very impressed that she like a very high percentage of the wines which is rare in a big tasting.

The pleasant surprise was the food. I had thought there might be cheese and bread but the Sutton provided loads of amazing 'pinxos' or cocktail snacks for the entire evening. As well, the cheese station was all amazing cheese, several selections of Poplar Grove cheeses, goat, brie, QC oka. mmmmm I had thought we'd need to go to dinner after. I wanted to try La Brasserie on Davie. But we didn't need to.

The warm goodies included: tuna tartar in a small corn tortilla cone with guacamole (I'll need to remember this. J is a caterer and she was taking notes). Pork chops, Mini burges made from shoulder, Shrimp on bamboo skewers, Mushroom bruscetta, spring rolls.

As for the wine: J bought a case of a variety of wines. She plans to get a case of the Mt. Billy. It's meant to go on sale soon so she's holding off. We bought half a case specfically from this event, the Cote du Rhone Modoree and Cristia. MMMMM They were amazing.

The best the best ones I had were at the Liquid Arts table were the Palladium and Columella from the Sadie Family. Just STUNNING. Very expensive so I was quite glad to have two tastes :-D

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