Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday, January 6th - when Martha's away

There will be days like this, during the normal course of a work week when our weekend cooking frenzy catches up with me. Not D, me. I cannot abide wasting food. Having a vermicomposter has helped me deal with this. Though those wormy's are not to be fed cooked food. Strange how fussy they can be. D thought for a while that they were anorexic. They were not plumping up and eating as fast as the guide said.

But D is gone for a few days so during those days, I eat leftovers or comfort food. D doesn't mind tossing leftovers or keeping them much longer in the fridge. You'll hear about my comfort food in due course.

For breakfast, we brewed a pot of coffee. We were out of milk and I had to drink it black. Blech. I don't know why I bother. The aromatics escape immediately and it's so jagged. I like the velvety taste of white coffee. mmm. I had Organic Vanilla yogurt with Smart Bran cereal. It prefer it to All Bran because it's lighter. Though amoung their ilk, I prefer AllBran Buds and Grape Nuts for their crunchiness. I didn't used to like Vanilla yogurt. There was something not quite right about all those 'sweet' yogurts like coffee or chocolate. I still don't like those but Vanilla's not bad. Still has some of the tartness of regular fruit yogurts.

I also took a 'mega-dose' of Vitamin C. I'm trying to stave off his cold. The WebMD says to take 8 tablets. So far, I've take 2. I'm easing into it.

Lunch, I'm going to have the spanakopita in a toaster oven here in the building. I love toaster ovens. I feel all energy efficient when I use them. But of course at home it's a huge waste of counterspace. I was going to have the noodles from dinner since I made a poor showing of finishing them off last night. But I don't have a fork. We've tried to eliminate unnecessary waste in alot of our buildings so you have to have your own coffee mug and cutlery. So I can't very well have the soufflee or noodles. That's okay. I'll have them tonight or tomorrow.

I'll probably have the noodles tonight because I'm craving them but really I feel I should have the souflee cuz it's older by two days. I'll probably have the noodles.

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