Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thursday, January 8th - Sushi everywhere and not a drop to drink

I had Silouette 0% yogurt this morning. Vanilla flavoured. It tasted like puss. If, in fact, I knew what puss tasted like, I am certain it would taste like Silouette fat free yogurt. I certainly looked liked it and moved liked it. The one thing it did not taste, feel or look like was yogurt. Blech. I had it with meusli and that helped a bit. But since I'm still working on that lowfat meusli with the rice puffs in it, it didn't help much.

For lunch, since I was downtown, I met up with my friend Jenn. She works down the street at an engineering firm. She's five or six months pregnant. She's noticably bigger everytime I see her. It's pretty amazing. Anyhoo, since I don't work downtown and eat out for lunch that often, I'm at a loss to recommend anywhere. There are some places I've eaten but they tend to be a stone's throw from the office and not worth recommending. There are in Vancouver, a sushi restaurant for every phone booth. In fact, now a days, I'd wager 2 x the number of sushi restaurants to the number of public phones. Does that mean we sushi lovers are in luck? No, that means there are alot of mediocre to crappy sushi restaurants out there. Today's mediocre pick was Urban Sushi on Granville and Dunsmuir. For 6.50 I had a BC Roll and a California Roll. Though to start, the weren't BC rolls and California rolls. The crab in the California was chopped so it was a better approximation of an Alaska Roll but with less mayo and no Salmon. The BC Roll is meant to have crispy salmon skin. This did not. This had, what I can only assume, canned salmon chunks. The rice had no flavour and the trademark of good sushi is the rice. It didn't hold it's shape and fell apart immediately after picking it up. The pieces were tiny and easily 75% the size of a reasonable maki roll. The gave me a measely few strips of ginger and very mild wasabi. The do not have low sodium soy on the tables. They do have an urn of green tea which you can serve yourself with. I like that. I hate having to ask for more tea or having someone hover by me with those enormous pots. It's not that hard to stand up and refill.

After all that salt and rice though, I'm at a loss to what to have for dinner. I may just have soup or a steamed vegetable bun.

I ended up having brown rice and a steamed crown of fresh broccoli. I added sesame oil and some chilli garlic paste. mmmmm. I'm also working through a Christmas present from my sister. I wish we had Trader Joe's up here. They have the best snacks, fresh meals and really amazing prices. She gave me a bag of Green Thai and Lime cashews. I mixed them into the jar of unsalted cashews I already had. Most of those mixes tend to over spice. But it really hasn't helped. The spice blend is quite well stuck on there.

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