Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday, January 9th - TGIWFHF

Thank goodness it's Work From Home Friday.

I had my puss-flavoured Silhouette Vanilla yogurt with Smart Bran. I almost want to eat more of it so it's out of my house sooner.

For lunch, it's hard to be very hungry when even with the pacing around the apartment doing normal day stuff, I haven't travelled more than 50 m. I had one steamed bun. The typical ones you'll see everywhere are filled with sweet redbean paste. Pale white, glossy balls that at steamed. You'll often see them in dim sums. My mom grew up making them. Simple white bread dough rolled with a bit of sweet bean paste, left to rise then steamed in a double boiler. The next most popular one is lotus root. Not my favourite because it doesn't taste like anything, it's slightly snot coloured and is always a disappointment when you think you got a redbean one. I had one of the more 'modern' versions, Kimchee flavoured. It was stuffed with chopped kimchee. mmm it's really tasty (pics to come).

While winding down the day, I've been snacking on my Thai lime green chili cashews. Then I started to get quite snacky so I broke open my dried fish/squid snack. Historically a street snack. You'd get a dried squid and buy it from a street bbq vendor. Now a days you can buy it prepressed and sort of manufactured looking but still tasty. (picture to come). it's not as cringy as it sounds. It's basically like fish jerky.

I may skip dinner after all this fish.... off to yoga soon though.

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