Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday, January 30 - Naked food

For breakfast I had Natura Meusli and Soy milk. D had the Special K vanilla and almond. Darn it darn it. I just realised I forgot to buy the chocolate almond spread today on Commercial. Darn it darn it! I only get over there on the weekends.

Anyhoo, I had macaroni and cheese with tuna for lunch. Just because I felt like it :-D. It used to be a university staple. I don't know what I was thinking. It was horrible. I didn't have milk so I used soy milk. I didn't have butter or margarine and used olive margarine. I threw most of it out.

For dinner I wanted something simple and naked. A nice fish with brown rice and a veg. But D has this compulsion to need to use dry rub whenever we have fish. And he thinks I have a thing about spicing my food. HaHa! We used this chipoltle Dean and deLuca dry rub on Basa fillets we had in the freezer. We had the magical Brown Basmati that only takes 15 minutes but isn't that horrible parboiled stuff. We steamed the rest of our greenbeans. D rubbed both sides of the fish with the rub and then cooked it in butter in a cast iron skillet to try to blacken some of it. It was good. The fish was so moist. I had wanted just to fry it in some olive oil with toasted garlic. We had a nice Basa Spanish White wine that D made me buy. Well I was going to buy the wine but he tries to make sure I buy wine that they distribute. It's not the most affordable for a spanish white but you gotta be supportive I guess. It was very crisp and fruity. They don't carry many whites and fewer whites that suit my palate. They tend to like acidic.

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