Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday, January 5th, 2009 - Take out

Back at work and the normal morning routine. If we're at mine, I'll brew a mug of coffee. Right now I'm using beans that a co-worker brought back from Hawaii. D, prefers to wait to use the expresso machine at work, a few blocks away. If we're at his, then we'll time brew a pot.

We just had a bowl of Nature's Path Optimum cereal with low fat Silk Soy Milk. The Optimum is a bit sweeter than I care for. You can see the bran threads have that light frosted look. It has dried blueberries which is nice but next time I think I'll stick to their simpler cereals. I've gone on and off the Soy stuff. Lactose free is better but more expensive with a shorter shelf life. Oh and it tasts like crap heated up. I guess that's because it's already been treated once.

I'm down in Burnaby today so I'll probably hit the cafeteria and eat the salad bar. The cafeteria here is abysmal. I normally resort to the Tuna Wrap which is okay but a bit heavy post holiday. At least at the other office in Burnaby there is a stir fry station which is fresh. Though overall the Sodexco guys over charge.

For dinner, we're having my favourite gem of the fairview if not downtown granville area. Sha Lin Noodle. It's on Broadway near Cambie. It is a hole in the wall you can easily walk by and accidentally go to the other noodle place a couple of doors down. The one a couple of doors down is more decorated and 'cleaner' but noticably more empty. Why? Because the noodle at Sha Lin rock! They are fresh cut to order, three ways:

1. Pulled from a ball over and over again, folded and pulled until as thin as can be.
2. Cut from a sheet rolled out, chunky and yummy
3. Shaved (My favorite) from a big block of down with a sharp knife directly into the water.

I always get the cumin noodles. They have curry but the cumin ones are curryier... if that makes sense. D normally get's the Pork. Whenever we eat out, he tries to get his fill of red meat. :-D pictures to come.

We watched Restaurant Makeover tonight. I love that show.... most of the time. Igor is truly the best thing about it. When I say most of the time, it's because I can't stand the episodes with Corbin Tomaszeski. Now, I don't know if some producer tried to coach him to have more personality for the TV but he's hit it in all the wrong places and all the wrong ways. He comes off snarky, rude and pompous in a pathetic unearned sort of way. Boooo Corbin. Yay Igor!

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