Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, January 12th - Monday ugh

Back to the grind! And it's still raining.

For breakfast I had some greek organic yogurt. 3.5% fat. Manalive! If it weren't for free, leftover from D's work retreat, I'd have nothing to do with it. Though I have to admit, crazy tasty. Greek yogurt (real stuff) is sooooooo gud. It's like mildly cool ice cream. This one was fruit on the bottom so I scooped out just the yogurt as much as I could so I didn't have to deal with the strawberry jammy stuff. I poured on some Weetabix (squashed) Alpen Muesli and sliced a few strawberries on top.

For Lunch, I took the leftover portion of the curry from last night. I made extra rice after dinner. I only made two portions which still normally yields some leftovers but D was ravenous for carbs after skiing. If I use one of those little glass prep bowls, not the herb one but the ones that Alton Brown uses that are approximately half cup looking. The ones to the left....

One portion of rice is just below the rim. Two portions is flush to the top, maybe a grain or two humped over. I've measured the equality of the two portions of the bowl. I'm an engineer after all. When I used to use the measure cup that comes with my rice cooker, like my mom does, I always used to make and eat two portions! I try and stick to the bowl measure now. I had some Tetley Green Mint Tea with it as well. I swiped it from someone's stash in the kitchen. I'll replace it eventually. People are crazy on this floor of the building. They'll toss a hissy fit if you leave a cup on the counter to dry!!!! Dude in the Blackhawks jersey needs to chillax!!!

I made dinner tonight. I was origally going to open a jar of sauce but I thought I should get to a recipie I've been meaning to try for ages. It's from the River Cafe Two Easy cookbook. It is awesome. All the recipies look awesome and have less than a dozen ingredients.

I, being of true form to my nature, improved a bit. The recipie calls for 1 can chickpeas and 1 can tomatoes. Instead of the can of tomatoes, I used on fresh tomato and 1 red bell pepper. Really made the dish. Though I wonder if it was because it faintly reminded me of my old favourite, Red Pepper Hummous that Marks and Spencers' makes.

1. One large can chick peas (not really fussed on the size. Just play with the water after)

2. One large tomato

3. One medium red bellpepper

4. One small onion

5. 3 cloves garlic

6. Sage and rosemary 1.5 t each

7. Cayenne, as much as you like.

8. Veggie broth and some pasta water.

Chop everything that needs to be chopped. Saute onion until soft, add tomatoes and garlic and herbs. Stir. Add 3/4 of the minced bell pepper. Saute for a few minutes just to get some carmelisation. Add the 3/4 of the chickpeas. Add the veg broth to cover. Simmer for 10 minutes. Blitz with the handblender until porridgey. Add the rest of the pepper and chickpeas and leave to simmer until the pasta is done.

Use chunky short pasta. I didn't have ditalini (small stubby tubes) so I used gemelli cuz that's what I had on hand. Cook for 8 minutes so it still has some bite. If the sauce has gotten too thick, add some of the pasta water to it. If you're going to serve right away just drain and serve. If it will sit while you wait for your boyfriend to get out of his strata meeting, rince with cold water to stop the cooking. Leave the sauce on min or off and reheat.

It was really really gud. D took the leftover for lunch.

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