Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday, January 17th - sun and natural vitamin D!

Natures Path flax flakes with sliced bananas, a half a grapefruit and a corn muffin and Lactose free milk for me and Flax waffles with sliced bananas, half a grapefruit with real maple syrup all over.
Coffee was fresh ground Kona
Coffee out was Ritual coffee, french press, I think it was their Finca Buena Vista bean. I had it with Soy milk and Splenda.
This is their symbol. You might miss it as it's pretty unassuming store front but this red flag is hanging above their front door.

There are loads of other boutique coffee joints up and down Valencia BUT this is the only one that will have a constant CONSTANT line up out the door. Their scones are melt in your mouth and donuts are very good too. We didn't have them this time. on Valencia just after 23rd st.
Lunch, or rather a snack while go was fresh belgium fries with Chipotle mayo, at


590 Valencia St
(between 16th St & 17th St)
San Francisco

Lunch or rather first dinner was at Tu-Lan on 6th street off market. DINGARIFFIC but cheap and tasty. Legend. Don't let the laminated menus with Julia Child sketched on them fool you. This is good hearty chinese with enormous american sized portions! You walk to fast and you'll walk past. We had #20, Stir fried vegetables with Shrimp and Crispy Noodles. Darn! Didn't take a photo. Loads of veg for a change in a chinese and more than a dozen large shrimp. It was heaped with broccoli, bamboo shoots, straw mushrooms, baby corn, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage and those tiny vermicelli sized crispy wheat or egg type noodle. V was worried it wasn't going to be enough because she'd never been there before and ordered a Shrimp Fried Rice. It was a mountain on a large dinner sized plate. It was slightly curry flavoured but again, loads of shrimp, not too greasy. Very good for local tiny chinese! But it's on the edge of the Tenderloin district and can be a bit dodgy. There was a random looking guy with a tank top and sleeve tats on swearing and throwing stuff out of a plastic bag out front. Had to step around him to get in. It was dusk and might have put is off if I hadn't been there before and if it were darker. I might have walked by like I did the taqueria in Mission the other day.

Neighborhoods: SOMA, Civic Center/Tenderloin
8 6th St
(at Stevenson St)
San Francisco, CA 94103

Fantastic, cheap, authentic, fast... just becareful after dark!!

Dinner was late but since O was waiting for us we ordered again a few hours later when we got home. We ordered pizza from Zante's. Another local favourite famous for offering an odd combination of a wide assortment of pizza's or custom pizza and INDIAN food. Or... the two combined. Last time we were here, we ordered a few curries as we were doubtful about indian pizza. But having heard other people talk about this place on Mission who will deliver anywhere, we tried it. We got a Medium Indian Vegetarian. It had a masala type base sauce, with what I can only assume was a veggie curry with spinach, cauliflour, egg and onion. It was topped with your normal mozza though. IT was good. A bit salty and a bit too much base sauce. I don't normally eat crust on a pizza but this one you have to to balance out the sauce. It's almost like eating naan with your curry. I'd have it again I think. Next time I'm here I'll have the shrimp curry.


Neighborhood: Bernal Heights
3489 Mission St
(between Brook St & Cortland Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94110

It was a bit salty and the crust too bready. Still, cool idea I'll try at home when I can control the toppings and crust. Still, this is apparently an iconic pizza place in the area.

We drank a Fetzer's Cabsav. It was pretty good for a $6 dollar wine. Though I've seen it in the BC Liquor for nearly 15. Smooth, not too acidic. Easy to drink and nice for casual dining.

For dessert V bought these Cannele's things from Trader Joe's. They remind me of a Catalan dessert but I can't quite place it. Or that's because it's the catalan name for those small cakes you see everywhere in Barcelona. Dunno. But these looked like mini bunt cakes but they were custard based. Not very sweet and really not very good either. V and O both had two. I stopped at one so I could have a grapefruit.

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