Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Comfort Food

It's raining buckets out here and has been since Monday. On top of the foot and a half of snow, unploughed everywhere, we add nearly a m of water. Nice. And when is this set to stop? oooh about April.

I had a bowl of Organic lowfat Meusli. Blech. All that means is that they've added rice puffs to fill out the volume. It's just not right. Well, I'm still sticking to my smaller bowls though. I really love cereal. At one point I was eating it out of a small mixing bowl. You know the glass or ceramic sets you get in the kitchen shops? They normally have a small one that's slightly bigger than a large soup bowl. Well, I used to eat my meusli in bowls like that! That was until, I red the nutritional detail. I realised, to my horror, I was eating nearly a thousand calories at breakfast!! Madness. I use a japanese miso bowl now. A small one the size of a medium coffee mug. At first, I was aching for more. I think I'm used to it now. Though admittedly, I fill it to the brim on some days. Even at D's, I've downgraded from the soup bowls to the smaller yogurt bowls he has. Big strong mug off hawiian coffee with, of course.

At work, I ate at my desk. This is more normal that our all eating the cafeteria. Mostly because, the days that our whole team is here is rare. In my last team, we almost always ate at the caf, but we were a tight group and our VP required we all work from the same office unless the one day we're able to work from home. I had the last three of my spanakopita with some green tea.

Truth be told. I ended up finding a plastic knife yesterday and had the soufflee at lunch instead with one spinach puff.

For dinner, true comfort, I'll have brown rice with brussel sprouts. I luuuuuuve brussel sprouts. If I'm lazy or in a rush, I'll just nuke the brussel sprouts while the rice is cooking. When I was a student, I just put the brussel sprouts right into the rice cooker. If I have more time, I'll braise them on the stove top. mmmmm D hates brussel sprouts. Hates.. and he never uses that word. I went out of my way to tell mom to make them for breakfast like she likes to when he was visiting over Christmas :-D. She only uses fresh though. I did that for a while too but frigging cleaning them is a pain!

We also booked a bunch of Dineout Vancouver dinners too over the next month. Well, I booked one with the girls too. We had to squat on a bunch of days really fast or they fill up before you can decide. So I'm set for Bluewater Cafe on the 21st, C on the 28th (was the 29th but forgot we're seeing Carmen at the QueenE, I prefer eating out adjacent to weekends though.) and Cru with the girls on the 26th. mmmm

Here's their site. They don't seem to have their own though, just a section in OpenTable.
Dine Out Vancouver

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