Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday, February 18th - Sha Lin Noodle

Breakfast was a heaping bowl of Optimum Power cereal. I'm giving blood today at noon so I dread the idea of passing out.

Lunch, well the useless Canadian Blood Service folks need a serious lesson in process managment. End to end, without a crowd, too me 2 hours. I was only giving blood for 15 minutes. Useless twats. So my lunch was a piece of carrot cake, fudgeoooos, strawberries and grapes with bad coffee at their resting station.

Dinner, we had Sha-Lin noodle. My favourite Noodle joint. All hand made. Made four or five ways to order but the main ways are Dragging (This is the famous pulling way you see demonstrated where they stretch, fold, stretch fold until you can get really fine noodles), Cutting (big block of dough is cut rapid fire with a razor into the boiling water), Rolling (dough is rolled out flat and noodes are cut in strips), Pushing (slices cut with a big cleaver from a block), Round which I believe are extruded.

I had my favorite and default when I don't want to think. #2 Stir Fried noodles of choice with Vegetables and Seafood (decent amount of shrimp and baby scallops) in a cumin sauce. It's spicy and very aromatic. It can be greasy but I think that's from the chili oil but it's soooo good. I don't think it's overly greasy like some of the typical chinese stir frys.

D had a different one for a change called #14 Zhajian Pork with Cucumber and he had cutting noodles. It is the noodles of choice with minced Pork cooked in a black bean sauce on top. Then a generous pile of julienne fresh cucumber. It looked fantastic. He automatically set a side a small container for lunch before starting so he could control his portion. The portions are GENEROUS.

Sha-Lin Noodle House
548 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC
Just West of Cambie
Pick up and Eat in only

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