Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday, February 21 - French Toast...

Breakfast, I made french toast with the stale baguette.

Yummy French Toast

3 eggs
1T milk
1T flour
1t nutmeg
1t ginger, fresh grated or dry ground
1t cinnamon

Whisk vigorously in a shallow mixing bowl or even a baking dish.

Cut the baguette or whatever bread you've got. Slightly stale is better so if you have fresh. Leave it out overnight. You'll get a soggy mess with fresh.

Drop the slices in and let soak for a good few minutes. Push it in there. Flip and repeat. Spoon over the mixture. Since the bread is slightly stale, you'll get the right amount to make it soft without too soggy. But really work it in. Put a small about of butter and oil in a nonstick pan on medium heat. Turn the oven on to 325. Fry until golden on one side. Will only be a couple of minutes. Flip until golden on the other side. Now, if you aren't using a non-stick, put the whole pan into the oven (make sure the handle is not plastic or wooden) I use non-stick so I put them on a butter piece of foil onto a baking pan and into the oven for 10 minutes.

I had it with coffee and some sweet bean paste. You can have maple syrup.

Lunch, D had a pork and beef german sausage at Kaisereck in a egg hotdog bun, with onions. He always tries to get one if we are there around lunch. (photo pending). I had just had too much french toast and so I waited until we got back and I had a half cup, heated up, of brandade with crackers/tortilla chips.

Dinner, we had planned on going to this great Ethiopian restaurant on Commercial but D wasn't feeling very well. So we made quesadillas and shared a can of Wolfgang Puck's soup. It was the Tortilla, blackbean and corn soup. We added some more blackbeans.

My quesadilla had: cheese, adobo chili, onions, green onions, sardines (unflavoured in oil. mmmm I ate a couple right out of the tin.mmmm), marinaded italian eggplant, jalapeno.

D's qusadilla had: cheese, black beans, adobo sauce and onion. He wanted to keep his simple.

I opened a bottle of Isabel Riesling 2006. It was HORRIBLE. To make sure that we weren't unfortunate enough to have bought a corked bottle, we opened a second and they both smelled the same. We looked up the wine's reviews and it distinctly said that it should have a very fruity nose with grapefruit on top. It was like leather and flint. We left it to breath for a while and it didn't help. D didn't want to admit that two bottles from the same case could both be bad, he kept at it. But it wasn't like it had a strong nose. It was OFFENSIVE. Isabel Riesling 2006 from New Zealand... aka Butane lighter fuel. Blech.

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