Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday, February 25th - Sundried Tomato and Goat Cheese Sachetti with Pesto and Arugula.

Breakfast was cereal. I realised something today. D has a plan. He eats cereal on specific days of the week and cereal on others. It isn't random. How funny is that!!

Lunch, I had mandu and a banana. Actually, I was only going to have the banana but thought it wasn't a good idea since I'm recovering from a cold.

Dinner will be some fresh pasta I bought at the Granville Island Market at the Zara's pasta stand. There's another one that sells fresh pasta and ante pasta as well, near the cheese shops but this place looks fresher. The pricers are higher than Commercial but it is closer. We're going to have it with the basil and arugula pesto I had in the freezer in the cube tray. It's the last of it. And some fresh arugula tossed in while it's warm.
Now, typically, fresh pasta only needs about 6-8 minutes ie. until it floats but we've had enough of this pasta to know that it needs at least 10. The filling will not be soft enough and some the areas where there is alot of joined pasta at the crimping points will be undercooked.

Now you might be asking yourself, what is with the binging on arugula. Well, there is a clear and justifiable rationale to it. I love arugula and I hate to waste food. I can't buy just a small packet of arugula (rocket). I had to buy this big box of prewashed baby arugula 300g. So I use it whenever I can as well, it's a good green to have like a side salad. Tonight it actually fits the meal. Actually last night with the mushroom dish, it worked really well crisp on top.

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ahnvictoria said...

That pasta looks good.