Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday, February 3rd - Calzone - Pizza... hopefully

Breakfast I had yogurt and cereal and D had lactose free milk and Special K Satisfaction.

I bought Special K Satisfacton because of the commercial where it keeps you full. I had it up at Whistler and it did keep me full but hadn't realised then how sweet it was because I mixed it with a Kashi Meusli which I had thought was the culprit. I had a bowl the next day with the Special K alone and it is INCREDBIBLY SWEET.

Lunch, I brought leftover chili with some leftover brown rice from last week. D took chili, grapes and red tortilla chips.

For Dinner we made pizza's. D had one portion of dough left that would have made one of those 15-12 cookie sheets. We cut it in half cuz I did not want italian sausage juice on mine. He was overly grumpy because I added a teaspoon of balti curry paste to the red sauce as I started to prep. So then I stopped before addeding another and then suggested we cut our dough in half and roll our own pizza's. D did his fast. But I made the mistake of thinking that I could toss it like they do it in the shops. It wouldn't and I'd now built up gluten and woken up the dough so rolling it was more work. D rolled straight from the rested ball. I rolled for ages to stretch it out and then added some rough cracked pepper to the surface to help break some of the gluten and add flavour. Mine was much thinner and therefore bigger and D accused me of gipping him on his half of the dough which WAS SO UNTRUE.

D's pizza: (in order of application)
- red sauce (with an accidental dash of curry paste)
- mozzarella
- italian sausage crumbled and pre cooked
- sliced portobello and shitake mushrooms piled high
- rough chopped red onion
- some more cheese

My Pizzariffic Veggie Extravaganza
- red sauce with 2 t of bali curry paste
- finely sliced and chopped red onion
- half a sliced jalapeno (wasn't too spice)
- Cheese
- chopped cauliflour
- marinated spicy italian eggplant
- mushrooms as above
- more Cheese
- black pepper

Mine turned out exactly as I wanted. I thought the dough on Superbowl was a bit chewy and underdone toward the centre. But really it's because it's super hard to stretch that sucker out. It just wants to stay in ball form. I was another reason for wanting two separate pizzas. But mainly it was because of the sausage juice. blech. I wanted mine either bready or crispy. It turned out really crispy and thin. mmmm

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