Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday, February 27th - Mushroom and Kale Risotto

Breakfast was a bowl of cereal. Natures Path Heritage flakes with some Cheerios thrown in for oaty goodness.

Lunch, I made a wrap with a whole wheat tortilla, 4 sardines, 1 roma tomato chopped, tarragon mustard and a few marinated eggplants (jarred). It was fabo!

Dinner was Mushroom Risotto with Kale

2-3 leaves of kale chopped
1 cup oyster mushrooms
1-1.5 cups crimini mushrooms
1.5 cups shitake mushrooms (fresh)
clean and trim and chop to the size you like. halves is fine.
1 shallot
1 clove garlic
1 -1.5 litres broth (boiled and then kept warm)
1 c arborio rice.
1 c white wine (isabel reisling cuz it is too horrible to smell but it tastes okay)
sautee the mushrooms in olive oil and set aside.
sautee the shallot and when soft ad the garlic briefly, don't let it brown.
add the rice and make sure there is enough olive oil in the pan so that all the rice is coated and glistening.
add 1 ladle of broth and stir until it is mostly absorbed. continue like this.

When you're about half way through the broth and 20 minutes in, add the kale and stir and continue to add the broth as before.
When you're about 3 ladels away from finishing and the texture of the rice is almost where you like it. (test as you go) add the mushrooms back in and season with pepper (you probably won't need salt depending on the broth you use).
If the rice isn't soft enough but you're nearly out of broth, add more water to the broth but make sure it's hot.

When you've added the last ladle, add 2 pats of butter and grate in about 1/4 c of fresh parmesan and set aside covered for 5 minutes. Serve with fresh grated parmesan and truffle oil if you have it.

It was great. It is important to make sure you add the kale early enough to cook through. It is a very hearty green and needs the time.

We had a Sauvignon Blanc from Church Estates from the Okanagan. It was very light and fruity. Quite nice with the risotto.

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