Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday, February 14th - St. Valentines in Whistler

Breakfast, we had coffee with Pumpernickel toast with peanut butter and some biscotti. Whenever we travel where there's a kitchen, like ski houses, it's hard to have stuff for proper breakfast or meal because you don't want to buy big staples for a short weekend. So of course we forgot butter and didn't want to bring a whole thing of milk.

Lunch, we ate at the Roundhouse on Whistler. I had a half Salmon Salad sandwich and Saladbowl. It is probably the best value up there. It's only 9.95 for a decent sandwich and a big bowl of salads to choose from like pasta or rootveg. I had the tortellini and three bean. D had a Salmon Asian Miso Noodle Bowl. It's amazing how expensive it can be to have food on the mountain.

Dinner, we grilled at home. I had a Chipotle and Lime encrusted Tilapia and D had a big ass Ribeye steak. On the side we had a yellow yam and a fennel. The Tilapia should have been in a pan and not the grill. The crust made it too dry. The fennel and Yam were great. We had more of the Malbec Naiara Reserva 2005.

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