Monday, February 09, 2009

Sunday, February 8th - Cypress and Ravioli

We woke up way too early for a Sunday but hit the snooze so breakfast was quick. I wanted to beat the lift ticket lines at Mount Cypress. In the end, no lines, no crowds. Weird. Parking was full full and there weren`t any events.

Breakfast was brewed coffee with cereal. I had a hearty bowl of Natures Path Slim and Smart Bran with two big spoons of Organic Vanilla Yogurt and Milk, topped with fresh blueberries. I wanted to be loaded for riding. D had Kashi meusli with Nature`s Path Hertiage O`s with Milk, Blueberries and Strawberries. The strawberries from the shop on Commercial half way down run by a chinese family, normally has great one a week deals, this week it was salt cod and portobellos. They also had strawberries but they looked pretty old. D bought some and they`re pretty tasteless though they smell nice. We`re going to have to eatem fast. Oh and I got a double pint of blueberries for 4.50. How good is that!!!

Heritage O`s are good and well, poorly designed. They`re very hearty and `biscotti-hard`. They feel healthy since they`re made with whole wheat and grain. They`re heavy not like cheerios. But they need to sit in your milk for a while cuz they will cut the roof of your mouth up like stale baguette. I only eat them if I have time to let them sit.

Lunch was at Cypress. I brought the left over pasta and spinach that I couldn`t finish because of all the guacamole. D had a ramen bowl, Shin Bol. It`s a red label with large Korean letters. It`s spicy and my favorite. It wouldn`t recommend you eat it too too often. It has MSG. I added some spinach to his noodles. At home I would add an egg. It`s soooo Korean to do that. They sell noodle bowls up there for 3 bucks and you fill them at the tea station. It`s not a bad deal compared to the 10 dollar burger which is crap. But the noodle bowl I bought at TNT, which is better and bigger was 89cents. I also brough some biscotti. Also, I`m embarrassed to admit, a group of kids in a ski school were at the table before me, and a kid left half a bag of corn nuts. We ate them up. :-D

Dinner had to be fast too. We had tickets to an opera recital sponsored by the Vancouver Opera and other orgs. It was a highlights show featuring an all Asian singing cast. So for Dinner we had the `Black Olive and Feta Ravioli`I bought at the First Ravioli Store. They were square with half orange sides. I served with a jarred red sauce, Classico Tomato Alfredo. It went well. If I had had more time, I would have done a red pepper puree sauce to accent the `greek` style of ravioli. No wine. But I had a small glass of the Smirnoff`s pre-made Mojitos. It`s not bad and in a pinch, if you don`t stock mint, perfect.

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