Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thursday, Aug 12th - Vera's Burgers and Theatre Under the Stars - At least the Burgers were good!

Four Cheese Vera's Burger
We like to take advantage of outdoor events whenever possible during the handful of sunny months of the year.  The first time D and I went to TUTS (Theatre Under the Stars) in Stanley Park in Malkin Bowl, was three years ago.  We saw Grease.  It poured rain.  D remembers the rain.  I remember the high school musical level production.  Still it was funny to be sitting there in a plastic poncho with my Pink Lady's costume on, eating a burger in a downpour. 

This year, it has been a very very hot and dry summer so D was keen on seeing a show again.  The selections this year where Singing in the Rain and Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat.  We saw Joseph.  On the way, we ordered takeout at Vera's as we did last year.  We thought about doing something different but it is difficult to choose something in the West End that is conducive to a picnic in the area that we were in the mood for.  Vera's is fast and portable.  Well, it is, at least, when we don't get the double patties as I have done in the past.  Mistake in the park! 

I ordered the Four Cheese and D ordered the Classic BBQ.  It is my annual burger out night.  That is, we do not normally get true burger shack burgers very often.  I might, if forced, order a veggie burger when all other options on the menu are carnivorous.  Otherwise, we burger at home except about once a year at Vera's.  Their Veggie burger is the 'fake meat' variety if you remember my post on Classifications of Vegetarian Burgers.  But the patties they use are not overly simulated and do not included the gelatinous fake grissle. 

Vera's Burgers' offer over 2 dozen standard and extra toppings.  Visit their website to check them out.

Vera's BBQ Burger
This was the first time I ordered the Four Cheese.  I was a bit disappointed.  I had hoped for bit more Blue and frankly more Cheese in general.  If I hadn't made the last minute adjustment to my order to include Vera's sauce, it would have been quite dry.  I won't order that one again.  D ordered the BBQ and he wasn't sure if he had remembered correctly but he was pretty sure it should have come with Sauteed Onions.  We had taken away and it was too late to verify.  He thought his burger was fairly run of the mill.  The reason we normally like Vera's burgers is because they go over the top with flavour, veg and toppings.  These were just average, not bad but not go out of my way for my annual burger pilgrimage for.  Oh well.  My regular double G-Money Vegetarian burger it is then.

Vera's Crispy French Fries
The fries were hot and crispy even though we carried them out in a paper bag.  I like them alot.  D thought they were too dry because they were so crispy.  They were floury on the inside rather than the soggy variety you often see from hand cut fries.  That is because the Oil is not hot enough and they haven't par cooked the Potatoes.  I liked them this way. 

The staff were all part-timers and rather indifferent about being there.  Though it was virtually empty when I walked in, though full by the time I left, it took 20 minutes for a take out burger.

There is not alot to say about the show.  It was not good.  It was very amateur and the singing was either inaudible or off key.  The only highlight were the children.  There were quite a few talented children.  The sound was horrible though so you could not even fully enjoy their singing.   That is okay for the most part for a venue like this but their prices have gone up and this was not a 40$ show.  Given the choice I would have paid 20-25$.  I do not think I will go next year.  We're going to have to find someother entertainment to have with our burgers next summer.

Cost: $$-$$$ (for a burger)
Service: Lackluster
Ambience: Burger joint/Diner

Vera's Burger Shack
West End
1181 Denman St
Vancouver, BC V6G
(604) 681-5450
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