Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Jul 28th - Cold Salmon Rice Rolls - Leftovers

This is what happens when you buy an enormous Whole Salmon on a Sunday, particularly when you cannot abide throwing food away. Actually this use of leftover Salmon worked out well, because it was pretty hot today. I suggested making a Quiche but D did not want to turn on the stove.

You can buy all these ingredients in any Asian section of a supermarket or Asian foodshop. The wrappers would normally be in the same aisle as the dried rice noodles. They look like clear, semi-translucent discs. They are super easy to prepare though a bit tricky to manipulate but that is half the fun. We don't prepare them all and sit down. We like to do them Taco style with all the stuffings out and the wrappers stacked up next to a pie plate filled with warm water. Well, I like do it that way. D would probably support my making all 6-8 rolls to sit down too.

The only prep work you need to do is wash and chop some of the vegetables and soak the vermicelli noodles.  You can make a Dipping Sauce of the same marinade for the noodles below and add some chilis or Chili Flakes.  

Our stuffings were:
To assemble a Cold Roll, you  need a pie plate that is big enough for a Rice Wrapper to sit in with room.  Fill with slightly warmed water.  1/2 Boiled to 1/2 Room is a good rule of thumb.  If you use water that is too hot, then they wrapper will disintegrate.  We lived and learned that one.  Let it soak until it starts to soften to the texture of wax paper, 30 seconds and turn over and soak some more.  I like to take it out a bit earlier than D, so it is a bit more durable when I'm trying to roll.  To be completely honest, we are both lousy at the rolling of these things. Like a Burrito, you want to add the ingredients in a cigar shape down the middle.  Bring up the short ends at the top and bottom of the cigar and then roll the flaps over. I do not know how they get them so tight in the shops.  Ours are loosely affiliated ingredients generally agreeing to stay in the wrapper for most of the time I am eating it.  Still they are fun too do and tasty nonetheless.

Vermicelli Noodles for Cold Wraps

2 bunches Bean Thread aka Cellophane aka Rice Vermicelli Noodles
(the packages normally come with individual sized portions about the size of a tennis ball)
1 T Thai Fish Sauce
1 T Rice Wine Vinegar
1 t Mirin (optional)

Bring a small pot of water to a boil. Boil the Noodles for 2-3 minutes max. I know some people say just soak them. I find them WAY WAY too chewy that way. Upto you to experiment and discover. Drain immediately and shock with Cold Cold water in the strainer until the noodles are cool to the touch. The noodles are thin so you should use a seive.

Drain well, press with your hand to get rid of alot of the moisture. The noodles will continue to absorb. Take some scissors and run through the noodles a couple of times. You could do this before boiling but they are difficult to cut when dry. It makes biting into a roll much easier.

Toss with the Fish Sauce and Vinegar and set aside.

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