Monday, August 02, 2010

July 26th - leftover BBQ Salmon Wraps

My Leftover Salmon Wrap with Baba Ganoush
Nothing glamourous about dinner tonight.  After our dinner party last night with the Whole Sockeye Salmon, we had quite bit of yummo herbed Salmon to spare.  As well, we had loads of sides and condiments.  As sensible people like me do, and my mother taught me, we do not abide tossing leftovers.

We made BBQ Salmon Wraps with Soft Wholewheat Wraps.  It was doubly a good idea since it was warm so a cool dinner was just what was needed.  Warm by Vancouver standards really.  It never really gets humid or muggy.  It was a balmy 25.  Still too warm for the stove to be on.

Leftover BBQ Salmon Wraps

2 Wholewheat Wraps per person (well, it was a lot)
100-125 g of Leftover Salmon per Wrap

Condiments in the fridge:
Prewashed Baby Greens
BBQ Roasted Baba Ganoush
D's Diabolical Salsa Verde
1 random BBQd Sweet Potato
Sour Cream
Fresh Basil

Let your imagination go wild.  I used quite alot of the fresh Basil.  We munched the Cucumber on the side.  I do not know why but I find Cucumber clashes with cooked Salmon or Tuna.  I do not know why.  D did not believe me and he tested it.  He agreed.  It's tinny and unpleasant.  It did not go into my wrap. 

D through a half of the Sweet Potato with some Sour Cream into his.  We don't normally have Sour Cream in the house but we had bought it to marinade some Prawn for a Curry dish but we might not get to it this week.

No sides just two wraps, it was quite filling and felt light and healthy.  And after two lunches we are almost through the Salmon.  Hoorah!

D's leftover Salmon Wrap with a Sweet Potato

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