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Aug 6th - Holy Trinity Ukranian Orthodox monthly first Friday Perogy (Pyrohy) night! - a la Nana

Perogy Dinner
On the first Friday of almost every month, the faithful come in droves to the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral.  Perhaps, I should make a distinction on these faithful.  They, we are the fans of the monthly Perogy (Pyrohy) dinners that the parishners prepare to fundraise.  They are handmade Perogy made by the mom's and grandmom's of the parish.  Not even the perogy restaurant on Granville Island makes them by hand, clearly frozen.... clear from the factory perfect shape and the bags in the freezer visible from the counter :^).  Anyhoo, I am in no way affiliated with the church and only found out about the event from friends who used to live around the corner. 

It is an extremely popular regular food event.  There are line ups to be seated at the classic padded metal chairs and veneer tables so familiar with church halls.  As well, there is a second line up for take away.  They prepare small carry out boxes of just Perogy.  That line is often out the door as well.  There is just something so comforting about the tender soft homemade dough stuffed with Potato, doused in Sourcream that keeps people coming back and willing to wait in line.

This month there was not a line at all.  I felt rather bad about that.  I peeped in the quiosk at the doorway where the take out boxes had been prepared but sat waiting too close to closing.  The lovely lady serving me my 10 count of Perogy commented to me that they were wondering where everyone was.  There was a small burst of eaters around 7pm.  I suppose one factor is that with the late evenings, people are eating later and aren't arriving in droves at 6pm.   The real reason, I think, is that last summer, they did not have the Perogy dinner in the summer months.  They did not have one in July.  You can check with certainty on their website that they have on their main Cathedral website, specific to the Friday Perogy sale.

Perogy Dinner stewed Onions and Salad
I always get the simple Perogy dinner of 10 Perogy with Salad or Sauerkraut.  I opted for the Salad today.  They also top you up with a dollop of Sourcream and a little bit of stewed Onions.  The onions are the end of the service line in the same tiny crockpot always.  It's so cute.  Yes, that is mustard on my plate.  I like to cut the richness of the sourcream with some tang.  The mustard is there for the taking for the Kielbasa.  D likes to get the full dinner with 5 Perogy, 2 Cabbage Rolls, Salad or Sauerkraut and Kielbasa. 

I prefer the classic reason for coming.  The Cabbage Rolls are vegetarian if you want them but I find rice in side a bit mushy.  As you can see on Dom's plate that 1 of them had exploded so you can see the rice.  He likes the Kielbasa so I think that is why he gets this plate.  Well, that and he knows that I will give him a Perogy toward the end when I realise that I have forgotten that 10 Perogy is alot of food. 
Ukranian Nanas who make and serve the Perogy
Service is like clockwork. The cash is normally run by younger members of the church but the food and kitchen is strictly an nana and papa job!  You stand in line like a cafeteria and each lady has their particular job.  This seemed odd this time with the sparse attendance but I have been here when the line snakes around the hall and out the door.  It keeps things moving!
Kielbasa, Sauerkraut and Cabbage Rolls
Cost: $-$$
Ambience: It's a church, yeah, it's a church hall. :^/ You can take out if you want.
Service: I feel like mom is serving me dinner. That's why I eat the church hall :^/

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
154 East 10th Street
Vancouver BC
V5T 1Z4
next Pyrohy Night is posted regularly.....September 3rd is the next night!
for the Food and Comfort

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