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Aug 8th - 100 Mile Birthday BBQ - Super Slaw

Super Fennel Slaw with BBQ Spring Salmon with Sundried Tomato Relish
Our friend DL is celebrating a milestone though he played it in key that was super low.  He originally planned a big BBQ down by the Spanish Banks beach on this Sunday but it rained all weekend and did not let up until an hour before the fete.  Even then, it was still sprinkling.  DL decided to call a mid afternoon audible and moved the Q to his loft.  The building has a common events room with a deck.  So D and I donned our Beachware anyway and brought our Super Slaw.

DL was providing the main, which was an endless supply of freshly caught Spring Salmon from Granville Island's Fisherman's Wharf.  He topped them with two relishes: Sundried Tomatoes, Garlic and Herbs and the other was a Blueberry Relish.  They were wonderful!  He grilled the filets on little foil trays and the skin crisped up nicely.  We normally place the fish right on the grill but I might do it differently the next time.  Our skin often sticks to the grill.  The Salmon was so delicate and beautifully cooked.  He also had a whole Wild Sockeye Salmon, 'tis the season. 

DL requested that his guests bring the sides and desserts with the request that we follow (or try to follow) the 100 Mile Rule.  That means we were to attempt to keep ALL our ingredients sourced from within 100 Miles of home.  Normally, when you go to the customary and very frequent Vancouver Potlucks, you see alot of Salads, Fruit Trays, Chips (Boo! I even saw a guy take his cheesies home with him because they weren't opened.  Nice!)  The thing you'll rarely see is desserts.  They a lot more effort and therefore get the biggest kudos.  This time however, with the 100 Mile Limitation, people found desserts easier to do.  There were Cakes, Pies, Pavlovas and Berry Bowls.  Amazing. 

My little dig about the over done Vancouver Potluck is about the fact that you see more Potlucks where the host is just the 'venue'. Not everyone but very often. Maybe it's because of where D and I are from or he time we spent in other places... but we are just used to having people over or going over to a friends for a meal or a hosted party. We like to host quite a lot. It took some getting used to, being invited to a Christmas party with instructions to make the dessert.  That order came from the guy who took his Cheese Puffs home from our fully equipped party, bar and all.  We don't have that guy, G, over anymore.  No tears here.  ;^P DL is a great host and his lovely Salmon was neverending.  A friend of his even brought live Spot Prawns which reluctantly went on the Grill too.  MMMMM

Anyhoo, we made Super Slaw for the BBQ. We were pretty good but we did not strictly fit the 100 Mile guidlines so please do not use this as an example of the 100 Mile meal and just a delicious Slaw.  We made it for Super Bowl and the photo is here but I made the full recipe, accidentally, and made some adjustments. The proportions are below...... it is A LOT.  Easily serves 15-20 people.

Super Cabbage and Fennel Slaw
1 head Savoy Cabbage (9-10" in diameter)
1 head Red/purple Cabbage
4 Green Onions
4-5 Carrots (1 c Grated Carrots)
1 Fennel, large bulb, sliced
2 T fresh Parsley chopped
2 T fresh Basil, chopped
2 T whole Dijon Mustard
1/2 c Sour Cream (use low fat if you want)
1 Lemon, juiced
4 T Malt Vinegar
1 1/2 - 2 c Mayonnaise, low fat!!!
1 T Sugar
Salt and Pepper to taste

Shred the Cabbage, Carrots and Fennel with a Mandolin Slicer, it will save you so much time; or you can shred the Cabbage with a chef's knife cross the grain with a large knife after halving and decoring it. Finely slice everything.  I did the Fennel as thin as I could and the Cabbage about 1/4 inch. I don't like large chunks in Slaw of anything. You can use a Box Grater for the Carrots if you are afraid for your fingers. If you don't like anise flavour, simply leave the Fennel out but try it first.  It is not a bullying flavour in this slaw in this proportion. Slice slice the Green Onions and Chiffonade the Herbs. Toss together.

Whisk the Mustard, Sourcream, Sugar, Lemon juice, Mayonnaise, Vinegar together.Season to taste with Salt and Pepper.   NOW this is a DEVIATION from my last instruction and I lived and learned this lesson because of doing a full recipe as well as having slightly smaller Cabbage, I think.  BRING the DRESSING TO the VEG. For Superbowl, I brought the Vegetables to the Dressing but this time, I had to adjust because the proportions looked wet. This way you can be sure you get the Creaminess you prefer.   You can do this just before serving as a fresh salad or overnight for more of a pickled and mingled flavour. You may use all the dressing, you may not but this is safer to avoid gloopiness. 

Let sit for a good hour or more for a nice mingling of flavours or serve right away.  It will keep in the fridge for a week.  (Goes great on Pulled Pork Sandwiches)

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