Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sunday, August 15 - Re Bar Modern Food r - Vegetarian Haven

I really like the Old Victoria area.  I dare say I think I like the waterfront more than Vancouver's, as a tourist.  There is alot more activity and points of interest.  And the area which is quite similar to Gastown is 'cleaner' and on the harbour.  In the pedestrian mall near the heart of this area, there are a number of bistro's, pubs and restaurants.  I was thrilled to find, nestled between bangers and mash and steaks, a vegetarian restaurant called ReeBar.

You would not know from the sign or markable notables on the outside that it was a vegetarian restaurant until you read the menu.  Wonderful.   It was lunch time so packed solid.  We stood, not for very long, happy to be in the shade, staring at the tempting baked goods on the counter.

Blue Meanie Smoothie

Reebar, apart from their Vegetarian fayre has a wide selection of fresh Fruit Smooties and Juices and Baked Goods.   I started with the Blue Meanie which was predominantly Blueberries and Grapefruit juice!  Yummo!  And D delighted in the housebrewed, unsweetened Iced Tea.  D laments not being able to find Unsweetened Ice tea anywhere. Pick up any bottle, even the greenest, hippie friendly looking bottle and Sugar will be lined up right behind Water.

Blue Corn Vegetarian Enchiladas with Red Rice

I ordered the Enchiladas that were made of Blue Corn filled with Squash and topped with Pumpkin Seeds. It could have had a bit more heat but thankfully there was hot sauce on the table. It was served with a very tasty and sticky Red Rice.  It was really cool.  The red would normally lead you to believe it was either very spicy or tomato based.  It was neither.   It had a deep smoky chili taste.  And the stickiness reminded me of sweet asian rice but at the same time, it was not gloopie.

Almond Vegetarian Burger
D ordered the Almond Burger. It falls in to my Vegetarian Burger category of Pate.  It had a great texture and did not have a pronounced Almond flavour but it did have a nice nutty quality. It was a tad dry but not unforgivably so. The greatest part of a well made Vegetarian Burger that is low in fat and filler, is that it will keep you going for the WHOLE day.  I mean it is better than an energy bar. 

Baked Good Counter

We couldn't help ourselves from getting a Macaroon on the way out.  Lovely homemade, fluffy yet meaningfull coconuttiness.  MMMMM. If I am ever back in Victoria, I am destined for a re visit.

Cost: $-$$
Ambience: Ecclectic cafe
Staff: Friendly

Re Bar Modern Food

50 Bastion Sq
Victoria, BC V8W 
(250) 361-9223
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Anonymous said...

Just curious why you won't fly Alaska Air/Horizon Air ever again?

Yummo said...

Why ALASKA AIR SUCKS and is potentially dangerous: We checKed in 24 hrs in advance. We arrived at airport and got our boarding passes. We obediently waited til the end of boarding cuz we were in the front of the plane. We got to the front and they had NO RECORD of us on the plane!!! They then suspiciously asked us how we got our boarding passes. Unapologetically, gave us twoseats very far apart after much arguing. I then asked about our baggage since we "were not on the plane". They were on the plane already! WHAT? Baggage for two passengers NOT traveling on the plane were on board? How stupid and un-homeland secure is that?