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Friday, Aug 20th - Stellas Poutine with Miso Gravy and Wit Beer Poutine

Stella's Poutine with Miso and Wit Beer Gravy
An unexpected Sunny Friday found us on a Patio on Stella's on Cambie. It was meant to rain so what else could you do but celebrate with Artisan Beer and Poutine. 

Stella's in a ridge of Cambie which fills with sunlight and a fabulous view on a good day.  It is on the corner of 17th and Cambie so their patio wraps around except for the inset barbershop which is on the exact corner.  Funny.  The interior, which I only saw on the way to the loo, is unexpectedly sleek.  All leather and clean dark wood lines.  The patio is far simpler than that.

We were quite lucky to arrive when we did.  The line up for seats outside extended to the sidewalk where the impatient stared longingly as the series of our empty glasses were replenished. 

Their Beer is really their specialty.  They serve food but I think, to a small extent as a secondary thought to the beer.  Their Beer menu is like a book and their servers know, really KNOW, each one.  When you order, they will ask you what you fancy.  Dry, Wet, Sweet, Fruity, Malty, Clean, ..... Though somewhat less so on the wine, they still went out of their way to ask if I wanted to switch glasses when I changed  up the white I was drinking for another white.

I had a nice Folonari Pinot Gris followed by a far to oaky Chilean Errazuriz.  Well, it was too oaky for me and far too oaky for poutine :^P. 

I was a bit noshy though we had been eating heaps of their hand cut Potato Chips.  I ordered their Poutine made with handcut fries with Cheese Curds and Miso and Blanche the Chambly Gravy.  The Blanche de Chambly wheat beer added a nice aromatic quality to the gravy but I thought the Miso made it too salty.  Therefore, the bites that did not have any Cheese were unpalatable.  I will say, that aside briefly, I liked that the Gravy did not run out after the top layer of fries.  Because of the salt though, I could not finish the Poutine.

My friend ordered the Calamari.   I was not really impressed.  It was plain-unbattered, lightly fried Calamari rings powdered in Paprika and served with a Yogurt sauce.  The Garlic in the sauce over powered the Calamari and since it was unbattered, which I don't mind, but was otherwise unattended to, was just a vehicle for the Garlicky Yogurt sauce.   I think I'll have to come back for a dinner because I did enjoy the patio and the drinks.

Cost: $$-$$$
Service: Knowledgeable and attentive
Ambience: Sleek beer room
Wine list: limited (but it is a bier haus)

Stella’s on Cambie
3305 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z
(604) 874-6900
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Food - Bar Tapas

Patio Service


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