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Jul 30th - C Restaurant - Sustainable Seafood and Sunset

It was a wonderful summer evening in Vancouver this Friday it was warm enough for me to leave my jacket behind but cool enough that I briefly regretted that decision... so just about perfect.  We chose C for tonight because it has one of the best views and patios in the city.  Bridges is another awesome one and they look at each other.  As well, it is so great for me to have a higher end restaurant focus on Seafood alone.  Despite being located on the coast, there are surprisingly few Seafood focussed establishements.  Doubly great, or as the corporate social responsibility folks like to say, Tripley great for the bottom line, is that C is a founding member of Oceanwise and a strong proponent of Sustainable Seafood.

In fact, they are having a special event right now in collaboration with the School of Fish Foundation where they have a floating table out in front of their patio on the False Creek.  It is floating on 1700 used water bottles.  The entire fixed menu is Sustainable.  We did not plan ahead for that but we plan to go later this month.   It looked fabulous with a proper dining table and chandelier with an all seafood fixed menu with wine.

We ate on the patio and watched the chandelier swaying.  The false creek is relatively calm but for the gentle waves generated by the water taxis and sometimes the wind.  Still, I had flash backs to some of the rockier nights on the Galapagos boat cruise.  I'll have to think long and hard about booking that dinner :^P.

We started the evening with a lovely Pimm's Cup.  Took me back to spring days in London with jugs of Pimms with Cucumber and Strawberries.  We then ordered a glass of wine to contemplate the sunset with. Belgardo Rosato and Attitude...  The Belgardo was a very masculine Pink.  Tight, and sulfury on the nose.  It was nice but not what I was expecting.  The Pascal Jolivet 2007 Attitude was just that, a justifiably haughty leggy lady. 

Dinner had a very relaxed pace and we were both completely alright with it.  I don't know if it was because we had only recently returned from South America or the lovely setting and weather.  It doesn't matter.  It did matter to the British 'gentleman' who was sitting behind us.  He harangued the server and the manager for the time their appetisers took.  They had a lovely bottle of wine on the table and the same view we had but they were not as relaxed.  He had started the timer on his iPhone and indicated to everyone that they had been waiting for 45 minutes for their food.  The server was profusely apologetic and explained the pasta was made fresh to order but he would have none of it.  The starters were compted and their mains came out seconds after they put their forks down from their starters.  I guess you can create a setting and a concept but you can never control your clientele ;^).  We sipped and talked and watched happily. 

D ordered their Tasting Menu with 6 courses. Pacific Kiss, 3 different BC Oysters, Fanny Bay Oyster and Shellfish Bisque, Mussel and Clam Risotto with Tomato Consomme, Seared Bayne Sound Scallops with twice cooked Fois Gras, Mushrooms, Braised Beef, Asparagus with a schmear of Truffle Gastrique. Strawberry Gratin of Wine poached Strawberries and Pistacio Ice Cream. 

Each course was about the size of an appetiser.  The Oysters in the Pacific Kiss course will very with what they have fresh.  Each was distinct and plump.  They were served with Lemon and housemade cocktail sauce.  The Bisque was poured over the Oyster and Potatoes at the table.  The Bisque was rich and flavourful.  D thought it was slightly underseasoned which is so rare but the aromatic soup did not suffer for it terribly.  The Risotto was a simple, clean non dairy Risotto and the Consomme was poured over.  Lovely light course. D's 'main' of the series was the Scallops.  Though it was not much bigger than the others.  I point this out because my main waited until this course was served. I nibbled at a bit of D's along the way though. The taster menu is finished with Chocolates and Coffee but D and C forgot.  No matter. We were quite sated. 

I ordered the Bayne Sound Scallops sliced over Green Onions and Shitake Mushrooms, topped with Pea Sprouts in a Dashi Broth.  The bowl came with the Scallops and Vegetables and the piping hot Dashi was poured over from a teapot at the table. The Scallops were gently cooked by the flavourful broth.   For a main, I had the 'Entirely Sustainable' Lobster.  It was split, cleaned, basted with butter and the Claws were cracked and placed on top. It was served with three sauces:gentle Apricot mustard, Tarragon and Clarified Butter. The Lobster was cooked wonderfully.  It came with sides in small copper Indian-like pots: Potatos, Organic Greens, Baby Carrots from UBC with Mushrooms. The sides were enough for two people, easily.  So D's 'main' was seriously augmented.  What a feast!
The photos are terrible because we were on the romantically candle lit patio and D was throwing daggers with his eyes when I went to switch on my flash.  Fine.

We had a bottle of the Bret Brothers Macon  Vinzelles Clos de Grand Pere Burgundy 2007. Beautiful, lightly acidic, perfumes of fruit.  The sommelier confessed that she had a 'wine crush' on the brothers and the wine :^D. 

Cost: $$$$
Ambience: Stunning waterfront patio and view of Falsecreek
Staff: Attentive
Wine list: great variety and quality

C Restaurant
2-1600 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z
(604) 681-1164

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Anonymous said...

Seems like an excellent dining experience overall. Some really imaginative preparations of sustainable seafood!

Yummo said...

It really was and it was cooked well as well. I hope I can do the dishes justice. I bought the cookbook on the way out too!