Monday, July 19, 2010

Jun 29th - Seymour Island - Galapagos Boat Cruise - Day 1

We flew to Santa Cruz early Tuesday morning to board our boat for our Galapagos tour. Day 1 was Seymour, famous for its abundant wildlife, particularly birds. For the next 7 days and nights, we will eat our meals on the boat.  I had low expectations.  I was simply expecting filling food.  N, our friend who had done a similar tour on his trip 5-6 years ago said the food was acceptable and the staff tried really hard so it did not matter.  Well this time he was inaccurate in our favour.

Our chef on board was Francisco aka Tutu.  He was a lively, friendly man who was attentive to all the guests needs and restrictions.  There were vegans, pescatarians, anti-chicken, anti-beef, diabetic, big eaters, picky eaters.... Tutu had it covered.  His food was much more than I had hoped for on a adventure traveller boat.   He performed all his magic in a tiny galley kitchen including baking!!!

We had large meals with vegetables, salads and proteins.  He always cooked a separate piece of fish for me which I did not always need if the vegetables he cooked were brussel sprouts.  :^D, my favorite!!  Dessert always followed as well.  Amazing.  As well, he provided snacks between our island visits.  We had two hikes a day as well as 2 snorkels.  Of course, we were famished when we got back on board.... well, when most of us got into the rhythm of the waves.  We ALL got sick.  When I mean that we got accustomed to the rhythm of the waves, I mean that we all accepted we were on dramamine every night and tried to sleep soon after dinner.

We were served lunch as soon as we boarded.  Fried Wahoo with Potatoes au Gratin, Green Beans and salad.

The dinner started with a cream of  Asparagus soup with Cheese croutons.  The main Brussel Sprouts, Pasta Salad, Salad and instant mash.  The instant mash was the only bit I did not care for.  I had piled on the Brussel Sprouts before I knew that Tutu had also made me some fish.  I went for seconds on the Sprouts since it appeared that no one else on the boat was going for them. Yay!

Cream of Asparagus Soup

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