Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 4th - Cerro Dragon/Bartolomé - Galapagos Boat Cruise - Day 6

We visited a fantastic island today. Bartolomé island is one of the younger islands and though the volcanic activity is thousands of years past, the craters and lava flow speak volumes.  The views were spectacular and the snorkelling magical.

Breakfast varied day to day but always had yogurt, cereal and fruit.  The mains were omlettes, fried eggs, and today was French Toast with Syrup. Light and fluffy.  Yum.

Gino our guide mentioned that Tutu was planning something special for us.  Tutu prepared an Ecuadorian lunch which started with a gorgeous Ceviche. Ecuadorian Ceviche is different from Peruvian or Mexican in that is served wet as a soup.  Sometimes they will come with vegetables like Tomatoes and Onions.  It was delicious and I had my eye on the bowl of B sitting next to me who was eating slower :^P.

The main was full of signature Ecuadorian dishes.  We had a light Avocado salad.  I am not certain that there are differences in Avocados there but they were lighter and fluffier.  There was rice, Mote (Hominy) and Fried Bananas.  Of course there was also Llapingachos, potato and cheese cakes. There was a hot sauce and a peanut sauce too.  Everything was delicious.

Everyone else also had Horneada or roasted meat.  Tutu of course made me some fish but I was pretty stuffed with Avocado Salad and Llapingachos.

Dessert was a Fruit Salad served in Juice.  I think it was Guanabana Juice.  It definitely had the creamy fruity characteristics of it.  Guanabana is often served as a fresh juice here.  It is also known as Sour Sop or Durian. 

I am guessing that Wahoo is a very affordable fish.  It is very versatile, that's for sure.  I had it most days but I did not mind.  Tutu went out of his way to do it differently as often as possible and as I have said, his other dishes often filled me up before the fish.  Tonight he also had done Green Beans wrapped in Bacon but he made a small portion for me and another vegetarian with Cheese.  Even the snacks between snorkelling like pizza had a small cheese side.  There was a couple of girls who would not respect that even after polishing off the pepperoni and they were often gone before we got any.  Nice. This ain't an all you can eat buffet! It's a boat.

With the Fish there some lovely roasted Potatos, Egg and Spinach and Fava Beans.  Who needs roasted chicken? Not me :)

45th Anniversary Cake

Dessert was very special.  There was an American couple travelling for their 45th Anniversary! Isn't that amazing?  They were sweet though we were rather surprised they were on an adventure boat. The cake was frosted with a Blue and Pink icing on each side.  The staff made sure that all the boys had blue pieces and the girls had pink.  Though I was stuffed to the gills, I finished the whole velvety chocolatey piece.  Since it was D and my honeymoon, we considered it good luck to eat it.

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